Monday, October 13, 2008

farming out the kids

We headed off to Mum's farm on the weekend. It was overcast, and even drizzling at times, but the kids (ours, and our friends' son) didn't let that dampen their enthusiasm (smirk).

Laura and Ben made friends with Mum's latest rehabilitation projects - a pair of wallabies being prepared for release back into the wild.

Our friends' son wisely declined to swim (it was cold!), but our two took off up the creek on their boogie boards as if it was delightful, balmy weather.

The two boys were thrilled to be allowed to pick the last of the carrots (Mum saved them especially so the kids could pick them). The carrots were inspected, held aloft, washed under the tap outside, and then rapidly consumed. Vegetables never tasted this good!

The native flowers showed off their vibrant colours ............

and of course no visit is complete without a disinterested glance from one of Mum's cows.

Thanks Mum. We love to escape to the peace and solitude of your bush retreat.