Thursday, July 31, 2008


I miss everyone in my life.

What I mean is - I never have enough time to spend with anyone, so I miss everyone.

I'm tired.

I'm going to burrow under the doona.

I miss everyone.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

faraway friends

Have you discovered that there are certain blogs you just keep coming back to above others? Have you found yourself drawn to someone's way of thinking, or the way they express themselves, or their sense of humour? Have you felt a sense of connection with another blogger in another town, another country, another continent, but felt unsure as to whether the connection was real?

I have often wondered what it would be like to meet a fellow blogger. Would they be as they seemed on their blog, or would I find them to be completely different to how they represented themselves in writing? Would we chat easily, or would the conversation seem forced and superficial? Would the experience be a thrill or a disaster?

Well, now I know. I had the opportunity to meet with an effervescent blond blogger whilst we were both on holiday, and she was just as I'd imagined.

We met for breakfast, and despite my fears that we would have some embarrassing sort of greeting along the lines of - "Are you...... are you, um?..... Are you a blogger? I mean, are you another... well.....I'm Jellyhead anyway!", this thankfully did not occur.

I was quite nervous. I confessed this right away. Yet we chatted away for almost two hours, and I had a great time. I think I rambled on too much. I walked away wondering if my blogpal would report back to her husband that 'Jellyhead' was aptly named. I told myself not to worry because I knew my blogger friend was a positive and forgiving type.

From my point of view, the sense of friendship was not imagined. Even though we had never met before, it seemed we knew each other a little already - rather like you might feel seeing an old school friend you hadn't seen for years, but still remembered fondly.

It's incredible that you can meet and make friends that, but for the internet, you would never have known. It blows my mind, and it renews my faith in humankind.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I knew I'd gained a couple of kilos on holiday, but this fact became cruelly evident to me when, during a game of hide-and-go-seek with my kids, I became wedged in Ben's dirty clothes hamper.

After being 'found' by Ben, I tried valiantly to free myself. I wiggled and wriggled. Laura offered me a hand and tried to help. Nothing worked. I was stuck at the hips. I sent the children to get their father, who was glued to the football on TV.

From my seated position in the blue container, I could just discern the conversation in the TV room.

"Da-ad. Mum's stuck in Ben's dirty clothes basket."

"What? She's what?" (this snorted derisively)

"She's stuck! She tried to hide in there and now she can't get out!" (this accompanied by gleeful twittering laughter)

Muttering grumpily, and taking his time, Fatty stumped through the house to Ben's room. By now I was grinning widely. I can always lose those extra kilos, but I believe I have set a new record for klutziness, and that can never be taken from me.

Fatty began to smile despite himself. "How on earth did you expect to fit in there?", he scolded. I gave no reply, merely lifting my arms up in supplication. Fatty pulled and heaved. My bottom remained firmly stuck within the depths of Ben's laundry bin. Fatty sighed, and tried lifting me from under my arms. Still I stayed hunkered-down tight. By now I was giggling, and Fatty's frustration only made me laugh more.

"We'll have to lay you down", decided Fatty, as he eased the laundry hamper into a reclining position. I was by this stage weak with laughter. Finally, I came unstuck, worming my way to freedom and lying leaking tears of mirth on Benjamin's bedroom floor.

I haven't laughed that much since Laura did her puffer fish imitation.