Friday, June 16, 2006

do as your Motherkitty tells you

Not so long ago, I was tagged by my friend Motherkitty. So here we go....

7 things to do before I die:

1) clean under the fridge
2) get a secret tattoo on my hip
3) have a fling with Liam Neeson (just jokes,, really...truly I wouldn't... not unless Liam begged, anyway)
4) train for and swim the swimming leg of a triathlon - my fleet-footed friend, Chooky, would do the running leg, and we would recruit someone else to do the cycling.... Val? You'll have time to train, being soon-to-be-retired and all!
5) travel around Australia with Fatty in a campervan, drinking cups of tea all around the country
6) go back to Uni to study languages (and then, with my brushed-up French, go stay in a cottage in France for a summer!)
7) become a weekend respite carer, once my own kids are grown and gone

7 things I cannot do:

1) get a tan
2) add up in my head
3) take criticism without getting defensive
4) throw a ball (I have been told I 'throw like a girl')
5) install or use most electronic devices
6) say no to dessert
7) survive without my female friends

7 things that attract me to my husband:

1) his ability to apologise mid-argument, if he believes he's in the wrong (it always takes me some 'cool-down' time before I can apologise)
2) his strong morals
3) his broad shoulders
4) the crinkles near his eyes when he smiles
5) his intelligence
6) his tolerance of my flaws and foibles
7) the fact he is a kind father who spends a lot of time with our children

7 books I love:

1) God of Small Things - Arundhati Roy
2) Cloudstreet - Tim Winton
3) My Family and other Animals- Gerald Durrell
4) Charlotte's Web - E. B. White
5) About a Boy - Nick Hornsby
6) Little House on the Prairie (and rest of series) - Laura Ingalls Wilder
7) The Great Fire - Shirley Hazzard

7 movies I'd watch over & over again:

1) A Fish Called Wanda
2) Gallipoli
3) When Harry Met Sally
4) Last Orders
5) Four Wedding and a Funeral
6) High Hopes
7) Muriel's Wedding

As for tagging 7 people.... I will simply ask anyone who feels inspired to consider themselves tagged!

Happy weekend everyone!


Heather said...

I love Four Weddings and a Funeral, too. I shall have to chek in to some of those books. Of course, though, I have already read (and loved) the Little House books. :-)

Motherkitty said...

Thanks, Jelly. Your answers are very cool, but I especially liked the fact that you wanted to clean under your fridge. One of the reasons I love mine is that it's on wheels and at least once a year I can talk darling husband into moving it out so he can wash the floor under it.

As for not being able to throw a ball, with all your other talents you can leave this to the jocks out there.

Thanks for participating (thanks, Sue, for tagging me in the first place). You were smart to not name names at the end.

Val said...

So, you want me to cycle, eh? I've got good endurance, once I get over the hurdle of actually getting my bike out (a Schwinn English racer, skinny tyres, bought in the 60s), get hubby to pump up the tyres, put on the dreaded helmut. Now walking, THAT I'm good at, for distance, hills, all weathers.

Cleaning under the fridge???

Mimi said...

I am going to lose some sleep after this latest post. I have NEVER cleaned under the fridge and it has been there since we bought it new about three years ago. Isn't that scary. Just think what might be lurking under there. Are we supposed to clean under the fridge?


jellyhead said...

Don't panic Mimi and Val, I have never cleaned under my fridge either!! It's just...I figured I should do it ONE day - sometime before I die.

susan said...

Secret tattoo? Fling? Is this your alter ego coming out?

Great list! I e-mailed mine to MK, since I am so shy and all...

Kerri said...

Once in a great while I vacuum under the fridge, but my dear husband just informed me that's NOT cleaning under the fridge (properly). Ha! Not gonna do it! It'll be interesting if Liam Neeson reads your post :)
Would you be willing to share that French cottage with a few of your blog friends? You could do the communicating :)
I LOVE 'My Family and Other Animals' by Gerald of my absolute favourites. And Charlotte's Web....wonderful book!
Your Fatty sounds like a very dear person :)
I too loved 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'. Funny how you either love that movie or hate it. I have a friend who hated it.
Everyone seems to love 'When Harry Met Sally'. It's a great movie. I loved 'A Fish Called Wanda' too.
This is a fun list Jelly :)

Val said...

Just following up the fridge comments - glad I'm not alone there! But I just remembered that in December 2003, when Melbourne experienced its once-in-a-hundred-years storm, our house was totally flooded, and the force of the water actually tipped our fridge over (thank goodness we had one of those circuit breaker things installed). So I can pinpoint the last time it was clean under the fridge (after much work). Okay, I'm finished with the under the fridge thing now.

Alice said...

Three years ago we had some renovation work done on our kitchen - new cupboard doors and drawers, benchtops, floor covering and paint. Before the cupboard people came I thought I'd better pull the stove out as it hadn't been moved in over 25 years! Well, in my defence, it's not an easy stove to move - it's upright, it's big, and it has a warming over above. Thank goodness I didn't leave it until they arrived or I would have literally died of embarrassment.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Clean under the fridge...are we supposed to clean under the fridge? I thought that was his job, after all he's the only one who moves it. I'll clean under the fridge when I get a new one...after all you wouldn't want those delivery men to think that we never clean under the fridge do you.

HORIZON said...

Liam's mine by the way. :)
Love your 'to do list' lol.
Love Four Weddings and a Funeral too.
In fact- love it all.
Wish l had put more thought to mine but you have definately given me ideas!

T. said...

Love your list Jelly!

As for my fridge, it's one of the reasons I love my hubs. He cleans it for me twice a year, without me asking him too.

He really does rock!

doubleknot said...

Nice list. Your family is lucky to have such a wonderful mother and wife.

Franny said...

Reading what attracted you to your hubby, I wonder...did we marry the same man??? We should exchange photos of the husbands, just in case, lol. Your athletic amibitions are honourable - I wish you the best and hope someday you can get there. I would be content to walk to the car on the other side of the parking lot without getting winded.

I will be doing one of these memes pretty soon. You know how I love to talk about myself. Oh, and thanks for the bday wishes too!