Sunday, March 18, 2007

bye bye beach

So, I'm back already. Back and feeling a little post-holiday bluesy, which I guess is to be expected. The beach was sunny, sandy, warm and wet when required - just heavenly. I ate a lot of gelati, too. The last day they had Pina Colada flavour - how good is that?
It wasn't all idyllic, because no holiday seems to be complete in our family without someone falling prey to some sort of stomach bug. However, this holiday, it was only Fatty who was afflicted, and only for the last couple of days. I kept the children away from him, and the kids and I gaily continued to swim, eat ice creams and go for shell-seeking walks on the beach. Occasionally I checked on Fatty before swanning off to our friends' unit to drink wine on their balcony. He needed his SLEEP, alright? he he.
The dog has been instrumental in cheering me up. I left the holiday unit feeling a little dejected (not to mention tired, from having done every bit of packing, washing and cleaning unassisted by The Germy One). But when we arrived home, there was Millie - all waggy, gallolopy, and happy licky. If you've never owned a dog, and never experienced a dog's welcome home, you have missed something glorious. Milllie may be a thieving scoundrel (just to help us get back to our normal routine, she stole Laura's crackers and cheese yesterday afternoon, right off the table) but damn she is a fine old hound.
I'm off to start washing the 372 loads of dirty clothes and linen. In between hanging stuff, I will come by your blogs, catch up on your news, and say hello to you!
XO Jelly
PS Why won't Blogger/Google let me have spaces between my paragraphs anymore? Why must I insert silly little asterisks if I want to denote a new paragraph, (which I like to do, especially if the previous paragraph runs to the end of a line?) WHY, WHY?!!


Heather said...

I am so glad you are back! You were missed. :-)

thisisme said...

Welcome home - I'm glad there was only one casualty this time - sounds terrible but I know what you mean. If you are really desperate with the paragraphs just put < br >< br > (without the spaces) at the end of your paragraph and then start the next one without any other gaps.

meggie said...

Welcome back!
Wonder why we get the after blues?? Seems to always happen to me, but I do know what you mean about dogs. We have 2 & their sheer JOY to see us is so heartening.
Yes I had been wondering about the paragraphs too! And ranting a little as well.
Hope Fatty is all recovered.

Motherkitty said...

Welcome home, dear Jelly. We've missed you a lot. Sorry Fatty had a bit of stomach virus and hope he's feeling more normal now that you are home.

Spring is upon us here in Kentucky and we are enjoying all the flowers and trees starting to bloom. You, however, are looking toward Fall. Seems strange but we are in different hemispheres.

Glad my little joke gave your the giggles.

Val said...

What a good idea, putting up umbrellas in the water. That's the only thing about beaches: no shade near the water!

Hmm, must check out that new blog problem. We shouldn't have to put in asterisks or the html tag that just now was not allowed by blogger!


try the

susan said...

your title reminds me of the song - bye bye love, bye bye happiness..

the beach looks like a great place to be, it is 27 degrees F. here this morning - brrr

hope fatty gets to feeling better!

Remiman said...

Glad your back and that you had a good enough time to miss it. I hope Fatty has recovered.
Pets try to teach us about love, we just are slow to catch on sometimes! ;-)
The photos are enticing.

Redneck Mommy said...

Blogger is being bitchy. It's not letting me post my pictures...and we all know I've got to post my pics...

Welcome home, Jelly. You were sorely missed.

And you better not stop coming by now that more than two people come to visit me.

You are and always will be my favorite.

I heart you.

Alice said...

Glad you had such a good time, for most of the time (hope Fatty is fine now). Lovely to be welcomed home by 'other member of your family'. They love so unconditionally, don't they?

I find formatting a pain too with the new Blogger. I often go into the HTML and put in the paragraph spaces there, but it's such a pain because it was so easy with the old version.

TUFFENUF said...

The hell with blogger. We don't care if you write in paragraphs or now - just as long as you write! Glad you are back!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Oh, I'm green with envy...I miss the ocean so much!

I'm glad you are back and it sounds like you had a terrific time even though Fatty was sick for the last couple of least he wasn't sick the whole week. Hope he is feeling better now.
Ugg...all that after vacation laundry and unpacking.

Dogs are wonderful and I really miss having one. Our pup died in 2004 after 15 years of always being happy to see us even if we were just gone for an hour. Cats are nice but they are so detached and not nearly as loyal as a dog...and they don't bother to get up when you arrive home.

I just don't know what to tell you about blogger because I'm not that computer sauuvy. If it won't skip for paragraphs, I add the little stars too.

Texas2Tennessee said...

Welcome were missed. Spring is emerging in Tennessee...absolutely gorgeous right now and only requires wearing one layer of clothes!

Kerri said...

Your pictures are so sunny and warm...cheery and inviting...bright and colorful....holidayish....I want to go there-ish! Thank you Jelly. I hope poor Fatty has fully recovered by now. Thank heavens the rest of you didn't catch the bug.
I hope you've settled in now and have the piles of laundry all done. It is rather a let-down when you get back to the everyday routine after such a lovely break. Imagine how I felt when I came back from a trip to Oz! It took me ages to "feel normal" again.
I use the < br > thing to insert spaces if I have to. Blogger is inconstitent! My photos keep disappearing and I have to keep reloading them. Aargh!

Mimi said...

Welcome back from your vacation and I'm trying not to be desperately jealous, geez, pina colada gelati, sand, sea and shells what more could you want.


jellyhead said...

Thanks for the welcome home, my blogpals! (and T, thanks for sending me love. Mwah!)

Thanks also thisisme, Alice and Kerri for the formatting advice. Just when I felt armed and ready to deal with the problem, my next post has set itself out just fine, no html adjusting required. Weird! but good.