Sunday, December 09, 2007

good dog

Now that she's middle-aged, bordering on elderly, my beagle is sweeter to me and nastier to others. She reminds me of those eccentric older women, who get softer and more generous with their children and grandchildren, but increasingly cantankerous and demanding with the rest of the world.

Rather like a human, Millie was all for cuddles and snuggling as an wee thing. She would lie on my lap for hours; she would follow me around. She loved pats from anyone, and would wag her skinny little tail in delight. But soon enough she became irritated by affection. She would wiggle away from pats and hugs - off to follow a likely scent. I would find her and come sit with her, only to have her spring up and run away. I jokingly described my dog as a cat to anyone who would listen (and apologies here to all cat-lovers, because I know that many cats are in fact affectionate!)

As time has passed, though, Millie has become both more loving and more snarly. She would let me rub her tummy until well into the next century. She would taste a small morsel of anyone who stuck their hopeful patting hand through our front fence.

I sat, just now, at the top of our back steps. Millie sat beside me, and leant into my side. I patted her tan fur, and scratched just behind her ears. Millie lifted her muzzle and turned towards my fingernails. I rested my chin lightly on her soft small head; "Good girl Millie", I crooned. I sat by my beagle dog in the dense and balmy evening air until mosquitoes began to bite me.

I reluctantly came inside. I sat down to write about the comfort of a warm dog, leaning.


freefalling said...

Oh - we wondered why our dog was behaving like that too!
Nice to know it's normal.
He's nearly 60 (human years obviously - or do you call that dog years?! - I'm a bit confused)

On Tuesday, just gone, we had to take our elderly neighbour to the vet to have her little dog put to sleep.
We brought her home, wrapped in a baby's blanket and had a drink to J's life and scattered her little body with rose petals and buried her in Marion's flower garden. It was very poignant - that little dog had been Marion's companion for 14 years and was a great comfort to her when her husband passed away. She's been very sad this week.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I wouldn't mind a beagle leaning against me. However, I'm more liable to go for a big dog and when it's a hefty labrador or a German shepherd or two, the leanee is more like the meat in the sandwich. But a beagle would be quite nice...not as life threatening...unless she decides she likes the look of a part of one's anatomy to munch.

Heidi said...

I love your description/the whole story of the feel of your dog "leaning." She seems to be an interesting dog... and her name fits her character.

Remiman said...

Unconditional love, the kind only a beagle can dole out!

thisisme said...

Jelly, how gorgeous. Unconditional love and leaning of a dog is a wonderful thing. I'm suffering dog withdrawl now.

meggie said...

My little half Beagle Katie was such a cute loving little girl too! Oh how I loved her.
I love my current little dogs, & can't imagine life without them.

Every person needs some unconditional loving!

TUFFENUF said...

Nothing like a good dog! Perhaps that is why I have three of them. . . .and SO much easier than children!

Sandy said...

You make me miss our little dog who is in doggy heaven. She was 15 when she died.

You described our cats to a tee. Now that they are older they love us and seek our laps, go for walks and generally want to be around us...of course only when they want to...because they're cats & not dogs.

Millie sounds like such a comfort to you. A little doggy to lean on and give you her undivided attention & very sweet.