Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rocky Mountain Highway

Everyone, everyone, I am so excited! Just now, I was peacefully eating some dinner with my family, at a restaurant in the Rocky Mountains, when a large elk sauntered past our hotel!!! I kid you not! I asked the waitress if this was unusual, and she tucked her hair behind her ear and calmly replied, "Well, it happens. We are right in the middle of a National Park, so ya. They walk through here sometimes." Incredible!

Other things that have amazed or intrigued me:
- the majesty of the mountains (compared to these, Australian mountains are just hills. Bumps.)
- the ginormous portion sizes. I tell you, it's just as well we've been piggybacking our kids on trails and walks every day, or we'd be very FAT by now. Of course, I realise there is always the option of not eating everything on your plate. But that's hard if the food's good!
- cute squirrels which seem to be everywhere, leading me to suspect they could possibly be regarded as vermin here. I am sincerely hoping that is the case (or at least that they are as plentiful as they seem) because I unfortunately squashed one yesterday. Sorry squirrel.

I am having trouble getting time to comment on all your blogs, but I am still reading when I can. Best wishes to you all,

the travelling Jelly


TUFFENUF said...

I am so glad you are having an enjoyable time. Don't worry about the squirrels, there are plenty of them! Some people refer to them as "rats with cute tails". Others like them and feed them. I hope you are taking lots of photos!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Aren't the elk beautiful? You may even get to see a moose or a bear. Each and everytime I see one of these magnificent creatures in the wild, I am amazed. Today on my post I posted a picture of Jimmy & my son playing with a little friendly chipmunk. I carry unsalted peanuts in the shell with me for such occasions that I might run into a little chipmunk and we did. We all had fun feeding them and they would even climb in your hand to get the peanut, and then run off with it.

My next trip will probably include Glacier National Park in Canada...I've been told that is the place to go.

I love the Rocky Mountains and I'm still impressed by snow I find in the hot summer months in the high elevations.

Have fun...I know that you are because you sound like you are having the time of your life. I try to avoid the little critters in the road, but sometimes you just can't safely do it.

Be careful, be safe, leave nothing but footprints and take only pictures.

Flossy said...

Sounds like you are having a marvellous time! I'm so envious :)
Keep on enjoying yourselves...

mackeydoodle said...

Waa!!!! You are sooo close Jelly!!!!
Dang!!! If ya see a little red Grand Am driving around & a blonde woman yelling "Jelly!" out the window, that would be me:)

HORIZON said...

Glad to hear your having a good holiday- have you seen any Chipmunks lately?- every blog l have been into has had a Chipmunk photo- l think they are as popular as the squirrels over there. lol
Take Care.

susan said...

Ah, tourists! Bet your waitress didn't tell you about the elk barn behind the restaurant, and how the elk have to take turns walking by the window, once every hour or so. They all belong to the elk union and are well compensated for their appointed job of thrilling tourists. But alas the squirrels failed to form a union, so the family of the one you squashed yesterday will be destitute and homeless...

Love your observations. Yes, the Rockies are awesome! And the food portions are really that much bigger here? Kinda like SuperSize?

Glad you are having a good trip!

Motherkitty said...

Sounds like you and family are on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Look at all the thrilling and exciting things you are getting to do: seeing elk while you are shoveling down a supersize portion at a mountain lodge after squishing cute little Mr. Squirrel. On top of all that, you and Fatty must backpack two kids while climbing mountains. Are you out of breath yet?

We, your band of loyal fans, are happy you are sharing the more interesting aspects of your trip. Makes me want to supersize with you.

Alipurr said...

Glad you are having a great trip! elk and squirrels and hikes, oh my!

Franny said...

Welcome to Canada jelly! (We just got back from out east) If you get the chance, go horseback riding at Emerald Lake Lodge. Its an experience you'll never forget.

Oh, that and Takakkaw Falls, also in Yoho National Park.

So much to see - you picked a great vacation. We went to the Rockies for our honeymoon!

Heather said...

It sounds so beautiful!

PS A squirrel jumped out of my cousin's closet and on top of her head once. Be careful of the squirrels. They're squirrelly. :-)

jellyhead said...

Hi everyone - thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I feel like I am gone but not totally forgotten :)

Franny, I did see Takakkaw Falls and they were just breathtaking!

Kerri said...

Isn't it just so exciting to see wild animals like that? Years ago, when we had just entered Yellowstone National Park, the first thing we saw was a huge moose standing in a pond. We couldn't believe our luck!! What an amazing experience that was! We'd just bought a large and quite expensive zoom lens for our Cannon camera, just in case we saw a moose, or bear (which we didn't), so that made it worthwhile :)
Those large portions are one of the reasons we have so much trouble keeping off the weight. Just like in Texas...everything is bigger here (and apparently in Canada too)!
Poor little squirrel :) They really are very cute, aren't they?
Glad you're enjoying yourself Jelly! We miss you!

MrsGreenThumb said...

Hi, just happened to stop by. I hope you have time to visit the famous Butchart Gardens near Victoria. We made a special trip there a few years ago, they are wonderful. I am so glad you're having a glorious time in the Rockies. Your kids will always remember this trip. Enjoy, enjoy.