Wednesday, December 20, 2006

somebody's a homebody

It seems I'm turning into my husband. Or, to clarify, I'm becoming more like him with each passing day.

I'm not growing chest hairs, and I'm not becoming unnaturally interested in the local weather website. I'm not forgetting upcoming social commitments, yet recalling the exact score of my football team's last winning game. I'm certainly not wearing shiny Wallace and Grommit boxer shorts to bed. And yet.... I think I've become a homebody.

Fatty likes to be at home. He likes to potter, to do jobs, to watch sport on TV, to read the paper. I, on the other hand, am somewhat more social (or at least I used to be). I look forward to seeing family and friends. If a weekend goes past without some kind of social event, I feel mildly disappointed.

But perhaps as I'm getting older, I'm changing. Because these endless rounds of Christmas gatherings are messing with my head. All these celebratory occasions should delight me. Instead I'm stressed about where I have to be when, and what salad/cake/gift I have to take to whom. My left upper eyelid keeps twitching. I'm afraid strange men will notice and think I'm winking at them.

I'd like nothing more than just to stay at home each day and night, right through until New Year's Day. If anyone wanted to visit, that would be fine. I have another fruit cake and some good coffee. But if I could just stay in the one place long enough, my mind might stop whirling and small body parts would stop flicking.

I can see now why they call it the Silly Season. I can also see the wisdom of my husband's ways.


Motherkitty said...

For every invitation you receive for every "silly season" event, please think of those in this world who are without.

I also love being a homebody but sometimes it gets boring and I find I absolutely MUST be around people. It sounds as if you and Fatty have a perfectly normal marriage -- a wedding of yin and yang, salt and pepper, white and black, yes and no, fire and ice, partying and couch-potatoeing.

As for the tic in your eye, that's probably from eyestrain from blogging too much.

Jelly, I hope you and yours have a very happy, healthy, tic-free, stress-free Merry Christmas.

(Did I tell you that one of my gifts this year will be to find out whether daughter alipurr and SIL are having a boy or a girl?)

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed this comment works - third time lucky!!! I go through those homebody phases too - it generally means that my body is telling me to pull my head in and slow down a bit. Maybe it is time to take a day for you if you can.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jelly.
Second attempt to comment.
I find that as I have aged, I have got quite happy to be home, & friends are always most welcome.

Living in a Hotel privacy was a luxury we rarely had, so perhaps that is why I am such a homebody now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jelly,
I find the older I get the more i like my home. Friends are always welcome, of course.

After living in Hotels, privacy is just such a luxury!

Anonymous said...

Hi again. Sorry to hog your blog- so to speak.
Beta is dicking me about, told me the last comment did not post!! grrrr.

Anonymous said...

The older I get, the more homebody I become! Relax and enjoy the your lovely children! (that could make your eye twitch more)

The Scribe said...

I am 48 but I still like to go out. I went to five holiday parties last weekend. Hmm. Should I curb this activity?
The Boomer Chronicles

T. said...

I was born a homebody. My poor socially-deprived husband has to pull me out of the house. I generally try to cling to the doorframe, kicking and whining.

Silly season. I like it. Because it is...

Remiman said...

Balance, a little balance in life is a good thing.


Heather said...

Like t., I have to be pulled from the house kicking and screaming. Maybe that's why you and I are such good friends -- we balance each other out. ;-)

You've had a lot going on. You deserve to stay home and rest.

shellyC said...

I would love to be out and about and socialising too...really I would. BUT the energy required to get me, husband, 3 little ones and visiting in-laws out, plus the required food or gifts.....I am sooooooo a homebody too!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi you party animal! Have fun and enjoy all your friends, all of us homebodies will live vicariously through you.

Merry Christmas!

John Cowart said...

You mean you were not winking at me???
I'm disappointed.

doubleknot said...

Welcome to the home body club. It is a nice club where you can get rid of a twiching eye - lest strange men accost you - it is a cozy comfortable place and if your loved ones want to join you so much the better. As you can guess I am a home body. I do so love to go out sometimes but mostly I enjoy being at home and rarely get bored there is so much I want to do in crafts, etc. and the whole big world of blogging is out there.

Anonymous said...

Balance...that's the secret. I always love to be at home because there is so much to do that I love, but if the sun is out and it's not raining I'd rather be out and about and spend a lot of time visiting.

This time of year starts out happy & gay early in December, but by now I am beginning to feel the stress of Christmas dinner and would love nothing more than to hire a cook to fix it for me.

Just two more Christmas parties to attend and I'm turning into a homebody for a week or so before I start twitching.

Enjoy your time off for the holidays and have a Merry Christmas.

Kerri said...

Ah yes, I'm a homebody too...but not as much as my husband. When we have an outing to attend his comment usually is, "What time are we coming home?"
But I do love to stay home and potter. There are so many interesting things to do!

Val said...

Ah, it's so reassuring that there are other homebodies out there who can be counted among "the normal". We're often made to feel anti social, but that's not always the case. And you need this time to rest up. So rest already!

Val said...

Oh, and isn't that comment of John's so-o-o-o predictable???