Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's 2007!

I've visited all your blogs, and it sounds like you've all had at least some fun over Christmas! Now it's time to welcome in the New Year. I reckon it has great potential! Happy New Year to all!!


As you may know, I've been away the past week. I don't think I mentioned that the week was a week of travel - to Fatty's parents, to the family of his brother Newsreader (who has the head of a newsreader) where we were joined by Writer and his gorgeous wife Ten (she was nicknamed 10 at school - as in, 10 out of 10 - because she is so outlandishly pretty), then off to the land owned by another brother Goof (um, he's a goof) where we camped overnight. Then we retraced our steps, and arrived home two days ago. It was certainly busy, and there were no naps or reading of novels involved, but damn if I don't feel happy! And my eyelid has stopped twitching. How do you like that?!

I'd love to moan about having to visit Fatty's awful relatives, but in fact they are great people, and I must confess it was a lot of fun. Sure, I'd like to whack Writer over the head with the tea-towel at times (whilst explaining to him that meals don't make themselves, serve themselves and clear themselves away....geez!), but apart from that minor irritation it was a fabulous week.

Here are some photos....

All are photos from Goof's block of land, apart from the go-carting shot (Laura and me, at Newsreader's countryside home)

Happy 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It looks (and sounds) like you had a great time. Here's to a fabulous 2007 without eyelid twitching!

Heather said...

Happy 2007, Jelly!

shellyC said...

Sounds like a great start!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Jelly!!
Love Shelly

Sharon said...

As always -- I love your photographs!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

It's always a good thing when you can get along with the others!!

The cart looks like fun. Haven't done that in a long time.

mackeydoodle said...

Happy New Year Jelly!
That is you driving that buggy???
You are just a wee thing aren't ya!!??

Motherkitty said...

Happy, happy New Year 2007! Loved the pictures (although your readers would love to see you not looking like a Darth Vader wannabe on a go-cart but rather au naturale).

So glad you and the family had a lovely time on your holiday. We are looking forward to a fantastic 2007.

T. said...

Happy New year to you and yours Jelly!

Please give your momma a big kiss for me and tell her I'm wishing her a very fabulous year too!

Remiman said...

I'm so glad you are starting the year infused with optimism. (as if you not usually up).
Happy New Year to you, fatty and the kids.
Love the pics, espcially the thru the tree shot.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you Jelly. Next time let Laura drive the cart. You haven't begun to live until you feel the terror of your child in the driver's seat!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2007 Jelly!

Loved all the pics, & so glad your eyelid has stopped ticcing!!

If you have something like that- or a coldsore- people only talk to the affliction- have you noticed that?

Best wishes for your family for 2007.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2007 to you and yours. I'm glad you had a fantastic and very enjoyable getaway. Great pictures too!

Anonymous said...

You certainly ushered out the old year with a bang! Here's wishing this year is a great one for you and yours.

Mimi said...

I just love the kangaroo photo! Are they friendly and are there lots of wild ones running around? We filled our house with rodents over Christmas, the pet kinds thank goodness.


Kerri said...

What lovely pictures Jelly! Looks like there were lots of great places for kids to explore. Love the one of the kids playing near the trees.
And there you are! Yep, even though you look like Darth Vader in that helmet, you have lovely laughing eyes (minus the twitch) does the sweet little Laura.
Glad you had such a happy time with family members.
Happy New year Jelly! xox And love to Jellyma too xox
P.S. Tuff knows what she's talking about. Terror is precisely the right word for it :)

Alice said...

Great photos, Jelly. It's wonderful that you have such lovely places to go for holidays, both at your Mum's farm and with Fatty's relatives. Great too that Ben and Laura have such an extended family to feel safe, secure and loved within.

I hope you and all the family have a truly wonderful 2007.

Love - Frances.

Alipurr said...

sounds like a lot of fun! congrats on the eye not twitching :)
that's good news

happy new year to you, too!

Val said...

The go cart looks like fun, like a souped up version of those wonderful bumper cars that used to be so popular.

Happy New Year, Jelly, and look forward to your 2007 posts!

Franny said...

OOH is that a kangaroo? That is so neato! (Sorry, its a big deal in this hemisphere...) You have a lot of travelling under your belt, and your kids are very blessed to have a mom like you with such a sense of adventure!

jellyhead said...

Mimi and Franny,

The animal in the photo is a wallaby - they are smaller than kangaroos, and have shorter faces. This little one is a regular visitor on Goof's acreage - Goof and his wife think it may have originally been in captivity, as it comes very close to eat fruit and vegetable scraps (to within just a few feet away). Normally in the wild, kangaroos and wallabies won't come anywhere near this close and generally bounce away just at the sight of humans.