Tuesday, June 05, 2007

in honour of Boomer

You could be forgiven for thinking I was a veterinarian, or a wildlife officer, or some other occupation of that ilk. Lately I seem to write about birds and bouncing critters and koalas and snakes, with the occasional post about the kids or my birdbrained - I mean birdobsessed - husband. In fact, I sound like a Gerald Durrell wannabe (Gerald Durrell being the author of "My Family and other Animals", one of my very favourite books ever)

I'm sorry if you're all growing weary of animal tails and tales, but when Mum sent this story to my kids, I loved it so much that I asked her if I could post it on this blog. It is a true story, which makes it so much better.

Remember Boomer? This is more of his story (in the simple, child-friendly words of my beloved Mum, 'Jellyma'):
BOOMER IS A BETTONG (not a person)
Boomer thought he was a person. Every night I took him outside. He just hopped behind me everywhere I went. I put him with the wild bettongs that feed under my jacaranda tree. He would eat the seed with them, but every morning he would be back in his basket. Would he ever learn that he was a bettong?
On Friday night, he went out to feed. I went to bed. On Saturday morning he was not in his basket. I was sad. I wondered, 'Is he safe?', 'Will he come back to visit?'. On Saturday night I watched the wild bettongs feeding, but I did not see Boomer.
On Sunday night, I saw three big bettongs and one little one feeding. I talked to them and walked towards them. The three big ones hopped away. The little one looked at me and sat still.
I went inside to get a grape. Boomer likes grapes. I crept slowly towards the little bettong and held out the grape. The little bettong took the grape and ate it. I patted him. Then he hopped away. It was Boomer.
I am happy now. Boomer knows he is a bettong.
Thanks Mum for letting me share the words you wrote to your grandchildren. You were the perfect foster mother for Boomer, and you are the best mother a daughter could ask for. XXOO


Remiman said...

That is an awesome story, and as you say all the more so for it being true. The ending was perfect...Boomer found his rightful place with his own, but remembered his foster mom too. Now they can both be a little happier.
Just coincidently my middle child and my namesake was nicknamed Boomer by a gym teacher when he was in elementary school and it stuck all through his school years. It had to do with how far he could kick a soccer ball.

Motherkitty said...

Your mother is awesome. Not only does she care for, love, and rehabilitate those little (very cute) animals, but she -- like her darling daughter -- can write. Jellyma, I loved your story of the little bettong. Made me tear up and I am so glad of the happy ending. (This would make a fantastic illustrated children's book, don't you think?)

Thanks for the good wishes upon the birth of our latest grandbaby. All's well in the world this fine Tuesday.

John Cowart said...

Writing talent runs in your family.

susan said...

We love all your stories, jelly, even the ones about your "birdbrained - I mean birdobsessed - husband"!

Stories of mothers and love this morning (I just surfed over from motherkitty's).

Thanks for sharing your great stories!

fifi said...

awww, I love this!
I got all teary when he took the grape!

I love bettongs, theyre so sweet. Isn't it amazing he remembered her and wasn't afraid?

I haven't had to do any seabird-rescues this year, which made me wonder whether it was due to lack of storms or lack of birds?

Least there look like plenty of bettongs around.


Sandy said...

Loved your mom's story and I agree with Motherkitty that it would make for a great children's book. Such a sweet story about a little bettong. So glad that it had a happy ending and that Boomer found his rightful place among the other bettongs.

I never tire of any of your stories or those of jellyma whatever the subject matter.

Val said...

How gorgeous is that bettong, and the story too!

Heather said...

This is a precious story. And that bettong is seriously adorable. :-)

Redneck Mommy said...

I love your momma, Jelly.

It is a sincere wish that one day the three of us will sit down for tea, and gaze upon each others faces.

Hugs Jelly.

And hugs to you too, Jellyma.


freefalling said...

I don't know how your mum does it! I know wildlife carers always say their ultimate goal is get the animals back in the wild, but it would kill me to look after a little baby animal and then send it off into the big bad world - I guess that is how human parents feel too!

meggie said...

Jelly, what a lovely happy post!
Love the pic too, with the children watching the little Bettong?
Never get tired of anything you write!

Anonymous said...

I needed a good story.. thx for sharing.

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a lovely story about your mum and Boomer. Bettongs are such cute little animals, aren't they? But you're right, they're not pets, they're wildlife and that's where they need to be...in the wild.

Thank you so much for your comment on Oscar's demise, Jelly. I've posted on the Kat's Cradle blog if you want to check it out.


thisisme said...

I've been loving your animally (is that a word?) posts Jelly - please don't stop them. That is one seriously cute bettong - and a gorgeous story. Very nice work from jellyma.

TUFFENUF said...

I agree with everyone's comments, especially John - "writing talent runs in your family". Please keep those stories coming, it is the reason we all love your blog so much!

Princess Banter said...

That's a great story to tell. And yeah, you seem to have an awesome mum :) I guess I know where you get your writing skills from :)

Kerri said...

Well well....I can see where you get your writing talent from Jelly. Jellyma, you did a wonderful job with that story! What a sweet little creature Boomer is. I'm glad he finally figured out what he is. I hope he comes back to visit often.
I adore Gerald Durrell's books, especially "My Family and other Animals". It's one of my favourites too.
Keep posting the animal stories Jelly. We love them...and anything you write for that matter :)