Thursday, June 28, 2007

a post at long last

Well. It's been awhile. What have I been doing?

I've been having a birthday. For some reason, my newly allocated age grated on me at first. I kept peering in the mirror at the creases beside my mouth, at the softening of my eyelids. But then I had to acknowledge how thoroughly spoilt I was by my nearest and dearest, and that made me feel loved. Wrinkled, but loved. A friend who lives overseas sent me a package, and as much as I was thrilled by the book, and the chocolate, and the t-shirt she sent, I was most happy to think that she went to the trouble of sending me a gift; that her thoughtful hands had touched these items even though I can't reach out and touch her hands in person. My husband made me Eggs Benedict although he hates to cook. I received phone calls from 5 relatives and 5 friends, and that seemed like an awful lot of attention for one fully-grown person on their birthday. I don't like physically ageing but I adore the people who are keeping me company as I do so!

I've been splitting my nose open on the lid of the washing machine (I flung the lid back then leant in to retrieve the clothes, and it leapt back at me. Vicious piece of machinery!) and sporting a butterfly bandage and a purplish bruise across the bridge of my nose. You've no idea how silly this looks on a thirty-something woman. On a seven-year-old ..... utterly cute. On me...... just ridiculous. My sister snort-laughed. My husband smiled his fathomless smile. My half-brother Soccerboy grinned widely. I told them all I got in a street fight but no-one was buying it. Now I have to go to work looking stoopid.

I've been spending a day with my kids, my sister and my two half brothers. Yesterday it was one of those clear, crisp winter days with an eggshell-blue sky. Except instead of soaking up the view, we were eating a pancake breakfast, then bounding about from one school holiday kids' activity to another, with my sister or I occasionally yelling to a wayward child to return to the flock. Each child tried the bungee trampolining, and their faces lit up with an exhilirating mix of trepidation and delight as they rocketed up into mid-air and down again. It was a sight for sore eyes.

I've also been reading your blogs, post by post, but commenting only now & then. You all keep me amused, engrossed, and very much entertained.

Thank you, thisisme and Sandy, for checking in on me. All is well in the house of Jelly.


thisisme said...

Happy birthday Jelly - I'm glad that the people you love spent the time with you.

Ouch, your poor nose. What on earth have your patients said? Hopefully you can lose the very fetching butterfly bandage soon. If not, take to it with stars and colours - stand out from the crowd.

So glad to hear that all is well in the house of Jelly

susan said...

I believe you, Jelly. You were in a kickboxing fight outside the grocery store, arguing over a parking place near the door. I can see it now. I bet the other guy looks a lot worse than you!

I hope you had a Happy Birthday!

TUFFENUF said...

Happy Birthday, Jelly! Sure, you got a bloody nose from the washer - I think you should go with the story of the street brawl! Please e-mail me sometime. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog; I value your opinion in these hard times. Don't worry about being "thirty something" because before you can think about it twice you will be "fifty something"! Love ya Jelly- have a good day!

manababies said...

Happy Birthday! I find it so funny that you have a birthday in June but in your part of the world you're considered a winter baby :). I'm glad to read that you've had a good day.

And I think the bandage on your nose is probably cute. At the very least it will fend off anyone who dare cross your path at the grocery store. :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Good to hear from you, Jelly, and I'm glad that, apart from being attacked, all things seem to be well with you.

What does the other guy look like, Jelly? Happy birthday to you, too! I hope you had a wonderful day.

Motherkitty said...

Jelly, dear, happy birthday to you. So glad it was a happy occasion with many wishes from family and friends.

Sorry about the accidental meeting with the washer lid. I once had an encounter with a tree limb that broke as I was climbing the tree. (I think I was about six at the time.) Ended up with a broken nose and a couple of black eyes. I'm sure others will find it amusing, but I'm also sure you saw stars with that lid came down on you.

Yes, we love you and hope you have many more happy, happy birthdays.

fifi said...

Happy Birthday butterfly-nose.

I have a permanely lopsided face from an intimate moment with a door whilst recycling the bathwater in a bucket a few years back.

I like to think of it as my aesthetic sacrifice to the environment. (on a good day!)

take care,

shellyC said...

Happy Birthday Jelly!! from Shelly

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you!! AND many more

meggie said...

Happy Birthday Jelly.

sorry about your poor nose. But glad all is well otherwise.

Val said...

Oh I'm so sorry, Jelly, but I couldn't help a very unladylike loud guffaw when I read about your washing machine mishap. Still chuckling as I type this, isn't that horrid of me? But just think of the mirth you have generated amongst people who do love you, really!

And happy birthday too. Thirty something? You're still a kid. That's coming from a sixty something. And the advantage of THAT is, the eyesight isn't good enough to see what is happening to my eyelids, creases, whatever!

Kerri said...

How nice to hear what you've been up to Ms. Jelly! Happy happy birthday to you (hear me singing...well, it's better you can't).
Thank goodness there was a Dr. in the house when you hurt your poor nose! If anyone can look good with a bandaid on their nose, you can Dr. Jelly :) All the kids will want one!
I'm glad you were showered with love on your special day. You certainly deserve it.
Sending a birthday hug and love to a very special birthday girl :) There, now doesn't that make you feel very young again? :) xoxoxox

Heather said...

Your overseas friend must love you a lot. ;-)

Sandy said...

Happy belated Birthday Jelly!

So sorry about your fight with the washer lid. I once ran into a corner of a piece of tin roof that got me smack dab between the eyes and I also sported a wonderful little butterfly bandage and it wasn't cute either. hehehe

I hope that other than your little mishap with the washer that you had a Happy Birthday with your family.

Mimi said...

Sorry about your nose, ouch! At least you didn't knock your teeth out. :-)Happy Birthday, it sounds like you had a very nice day.


susan said...

Hi Jelly! You rock! Read all about it on my blog today:


Have a good one!


Suzanne said...

Well Happy Birthday! Sorry about the nose, but it probably not as noticeable as it feels to you!

Remiman said...

Happy day!
I sorry you're not 61. But for a thirty something you're ok. ;-)
Machines will nick you everytime...keep your gaurd up.Kiyup.