Friday, July 20, 2007

dinosaurs and diaries

This is the horrific scene that greeted me when I entered our side room the other day. I thought for sure this was the work of my bloodthirsty son, but no, 'twas my bloodthirsty daughter who created this attractive tableau.

Last night I was tired and irritable and anxious about various things. I sighed as I plonked down on Laura's bed to read books to my little rugrats.
"C'mon guys - choose your books", I intoned drearily, as I sat mulling over this and that.
Ben came striding in confidently, carrying one of his favourite books - a journal-style story, written from a wombat's perspective.
"I've got one!", Ben announced. "I've got 'Diarrhoea of a Wombat' ", he crowed. (The actual book title is "Diary of a Wombat")
I began to laugh as I explained to Ben about diaries, and my worries receded into the distance.
Kids are good like that.


freefalling said...

Absolutely brilliant photo! I think I may print it out and stick it on my pinboard with things that make me smile!
I've got that book too! It's the one by Jackie French, right? From now on, I will only ever be able to think of it as "Diarrhoea of a Wombat"!

susan said...

Yes, kids say the darndest things... and make you smile and forget all your grown-up worries!

Enjoy them! Have a great weekend!

Motherkitty said...

What a hoot!!! Your kids are so imaginative. They must take after their brilliant, funny mother.

Heather said...

That photo is priceless!

fifi said...


I was going to say that Barbie probably deserved to be bitten, since she is so irritating,

only, it isnt a barbie...

I am so going out to get that book, diarrhoea of a wombat.

we are reading Northern Lights, oooh, wait till you get to that, its better'n harry Potter almost....

Princess Banter said...

Hahaha that was hilarious! I think kids really do have a natural way of making us laugh without them knowing it. And their cute little confused faces are icing to the cake. I hope you're feeling much better though. You sound absolutely knackered!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Love the photo...Jurassic Park perhaps?

Lol...easy to see Ben is the son of a doctor...Diarrhoea of a it! Actually, I must remember that one.

Isn't it great when kids, by saying something like that, can lift one's spirits? Keep well, Jelly, and have a great weekend.

thisisme said...

What a fantastic photo - it just cracked me up. Ben, though, he made me spit coffee.

Remiman said...

It's the little twists and turns in life that keep us coming back to see what's around the next corner.

shellyC said...

Years ago my younger sister was about 10 amd referred to my Uncles girlfriend as "Dog chewed Barbie" - I think I like Dinosaur chewed better!!!

I have also read "Diarrhoea of a Wombat" - too funny!!!

meggie said...

Just the tonic you needed! I laughed out loud.

Sandy said...

This post brings back some wonderful memories of my children when they were as young as Ben & Laura, their imagination & language mispronunciations. Things I had long forgotten.

I love reading your posts. Like Motherkitty said, "What a hoot!" And I'm soooo glad we have internet so we can share these wonderful photos & stories.

When we first announced that we were moving to Berea, my son & daughters kept telling everyone that we were moving to diarrhea. The names do sound alike and they were very young.

TUFFENUF said...

A wombat with the poops! That could be a scary story. I wonder if J.K. Rowlings will want to write a series on that now that she is done with Harry Potter?

Val said...

"wombat with the poops" - heh heh. Post AND comments made me laugh today.

If that's a Barbie doll being attacked by the dinosaur, I'd say your daughter is on the right track.

Alice said...

Oh dear, what happened to the damsel in distress being carried off by Prince Charming on a white horse?


Glad you were able to cure the Wombat's ailment just with a few words of wisdom. See, your medical knowledge comes in handy when you least expect it.

Kerri said...

Go T-Rex! I like the way your daughter thinks! :) Too funny Jelly. Your kids are just natural blog fodder, aren't they?
Laura with her creativity, and Ben with his natural wit :) Chips off the old block.
I love that book. Now I'm going to laugh every time I see it..and guess who I'll think of? :)
Have you read Diary of a Worm? It's hilarious too.

Mimi said...

I love the photo! Excellent.


Proud Parents said...

I became a father myself recently, at a ripe young age of 22. (Check out my blog, Jellyhead). He is now 7 weeks old, and a couple of weeks ago I finally worked up the nerve to call my ex Aileen who is a mother of two, and tell her the big news.

We yacked for ages, and one thing she said to me really stuck:

"Yeah, that's why they start out little, so you can grow with them".

That one line said so much... :-)

I find I love coming home from work and tending to our baby Chase. Not just that it gives Mummy a break, but it helps me unwind after a long day ;-)

Anonymous said...

That is precious.

Connie W said...

Reading about "diarrhoea of a Wombat" made me laugh aloud. Also made me think of a certain grandson of mine who always makes me laugh with his little way of not being able to pronounce his Ls and Rs quite yet. He doesn't try to be funny but sometimes it's just plain difficult to keep from laughing right in his sweet little four year old face. I love him to pieces of course and when he calls me "Gwammy" my heart sings. I'm so glad that I found your blog on Meggie's links. Fun read, for sure.