Wednesday, April 16, 2008

beauty and beasties

Despite the fact that I am a non-church-goer married into a family of devout Lutherans; despite the fact that I always take seconds of dessert; despite the fact I boss their son around and am much louder and more assertive than is probably seemly - despite all this, my parents-in-law are nothing but loving towards me. They accept me as I am. I think they even love me (well, they say they do!). So when we go to visit them, I genuinely have a good time.

Last week, Fatty and the kids and I went to visit Nanna and Poppa. We drank lots of coffee and played several games of 500.

The Birdman could not help himself and even did a bit of twitching in his parents backyard. This photo was not staged in any way.... I simply snuck up behind him.
Laura and Ben spent hours watching their snails race. Yeah. 'Race' is probably not quite the right term.
I just hung around making strange finger gestures.

When not making odd gesticulations, I wandered around Nanna's beautiful garden, taking photos of the glorious roses. They are so perfect, and so fragrant.

One day, Fatty and I took the kids to a wildlife park. I have never seen these particular Australian animals up so close. Normally these species are to be seen in the distance in some cage. You squint your eyes, and your companion says, "See! See that brown fur?", and you say, "Oh. Oh, OK", with disappointment, because really, it could be a stuffed toy for all you can see of it. But these guys were careening about their open-topped enclosures, as if to say "Look at me! La-di-da!"
Wombly wombat

Dastardly Dingo

Enchanting Echidna

Devlilish (Tasmanian) Devil

And now, this devilish woman better get some sleep, or I'll be devilishly obnoxious tomorrow.


Susan said...

Wow, pictures of the whole family! Thanks for the tour of the gardens and native wild animals. I don't think we have any of those over here, well except for these. Glad to hear you get along with your in-laws, that makes life soooo much easier! Have a great day.

mackeydoodle said...

Yay pics!!!
Nice to see (most of) you:)

BTW....Fatty looks pretty handsome from that angle:)

Redneck Mommy said...

I'm a big birder myself. The husband doesn't get my obsession for the tweets.

Remiman said...

I'll risk soundeing maudlin to say you really do have a wonderful life. Those rose as just to perfect for words. And now I've seen, up close, animals I've only read about.

Hope you got some rest.

Sandy said...

WOW! Great pictures and your in-laws have a beautiful yard. It's good to see some green. Speaking of racing snails I have a watergarden pond full of snails. It seems that it is all that I can keep alive...or maybe I should say that I haven't managed to kill...yet.

Of course your in-laws love you....who could not!

Stomper Girl said...

He doesn't look that fat to me. And what is wrong with having two helpings of dessert?

I haven't played 500 for ever, and it the best game. Right up there with Pictionary and Scrabble.

John Cowart said...

Sounds like a wonderful family time you had.
I envy your in-laws garden, especially that vine-covered arbor.
Don't think I've ever even seen a picture of a wombat before.
What a wonderful place to live!

thisisme said...

Gorgeous pics of all the family, and the garden. I wonder if the dingo uses pantene though - I've never seen one with such a luxuriant coat before

And, of course they love you - how could they not?

Heidi said...

Ooo... I really like these photos... especially of the animals we don't see around here often!

So good to hear that you had a wonderful time with your in-laws. I do the same when I focus on just "selectively hearing" my mother-in-law!!! ;-)

Franny said...

*waves madly at jelly* HI!!! *kiss, hug, sob sob sob* So happy to be back! I too am amidst my mil, who is constantly trying to get me to mass. She has a point, of course, but I'm disillusioned, and... oh nevermind! I missed you! BEAUTIFUL pictures!

TUFFENUF said...

Wow, Jelly, there are some wild looking beasts there in the "down under"!!!!

Mimi said...

OMG! I loved your photos especially the animals, none of which I can see here at home.


Kerri said...

How lovely to see all the family, Jelly! Just what were those strange finger gestures about? :)
What fun to see the Aussie animals up close and personal.
Your MIL's roses are glorious.
And of course you're loved by your in-laws, in spite of being alarmingly alliterate! Or perhaps because of it ;)

Dragonfly said...

Kudos to your MIL...I have a complex about rose gardening, and don't think I will ever try. I always think of them as the souffle of the gardening world.

Alipurr said...

sounds like a wonderful trip...would have loved to seen the snail races and the roses. I bet they smelled wonderful!