Friday, November 21, 2008


Here in Australia, and in other countries around the world, the month of November has become a time for all men who are so inclined to grow moustaches. The idea has been generated by the Movember foundation, which aims to raise awareness of men's health issues, focusing particularly on prostate cancer and depression. Community-minded, caring and hirsuit individuals grow moustaches, and request that friends, family and colleagues donate to the foundation in support. Non-moustache-growers often give generously, whilst sniggering, hooting, and teasing the mo-grower unmercifully. I often wonder how permanently-moustached gentlemen feel during the general ridicule of the month of 'Movember'.

Schools sell fake moustaches to raise revenue, and my children will buy theirs today. They've been discussing what type they'll purchase (it seems there are different styles available for purchase. And here I thought a mo was a mo)

I give you the above information not because I am a good person who is aiming to promote men's health. I wish I was! I wish I'd thought of this as a genuine topic before now, but no! I am merely leading in to a comment made yesterday by my 6-year-old son. This is what he said to me:

"If you're a big person, and you have something wrong with you, or a moustache, would it be hard to get married?"

Seems a moustache rates right up there with a disability. Please dig deep.


Remiman said...

I've had a moustache for 33 years in many transitions from waxed handle bar to current minimal.
It's one of those disabilities one learns to live with. ;-)
Tell Ben it's comparable to lipstick for women.

thisisme said...

Hahahahahahaha - go Ben! I'm proud to say that my gorgeous fiancé is doing Movember this year - I freak out every time I see that mo, but I can live with it for a month. All the guys in my team at work are doing it too. So, as caring sharing women, we all took photos of us with mo's and shared some mo growing hints with them.

Hope the weather isn't hitting you too badly.

Oh, and I'm still alive, just struggling to write a bit without sounding like I'm whinging.

Elaine said...

That is a brilliant idea. Would it work in the Northern hemisphere, do you think? Children can be disconcertingly perspective!

John Cowart said...

Great fund raiser.

I live with both prostate cancer and depression. Neither are visible to other people.

But I have no moustache; I think I'd like to keep it that way.

Heidi said...

How cute his observations are of this event!

And how wonderful it is to highlight men's health... women's health issues seem to get center stage here.

Stomper Girl said...

That is very funny, and I think he's quite right to see a moustache as a social disability. Thank heavens Fixit didn't sign up for it, he keeps threatening to.

Redneck Mommy said...

I don't need to buy a moustache to support the cause.

Apparently, according to my children, I've grown my own.

Yay me!

Redneck Mommy said...

I don't need to buy a moustache to support the cause.

Apparently, according to my children, I've grown my own.

Yay me!

Jellyhead said...

Oh yes, Redneck Mommy, if I don't wax my top lip there is a definite blond 'mo' happening. (Pointed out to me at the age of 20 by a boyfriend.... cringe!)

Frankie said...

Is that so? a moustache as a health concept?! mmm... interesting! As a woman I just don't like kissing a man with a moustache. But that's just me! And how about wearing a hat as a health concept? I mean men wearing hats and tipping it up when they see a nice girl?

TUFFENUF said...

I know what you mean by the lip hair, Jelly. As for me, I pluck little beard stubblies out of my chiny chin chin every morning!!!

Isabelle said...

No, moustaches seem like disabilities to me too, but it takes all sorts. (A waxed handlebar... well, maybe we don't need them.)

meggie said...

Oh this made me laugh! It is similar to something SG might say. I have not noticed the media personnel so much behind the MOvemeber this year?

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I knew there was something wrong with Jimmy, but I could never pinpoint his disability...I've never seen him without a mustache.hehehe

Kerri said...

I'm wondering if Ben has his eye on some young lady at school. That might explain his current interest in marriage ;)
That's certainly a unique idea for a fundraiser...and a good cause.