Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fountain of Youth or Doorway to Dementia?

I've heard it said that your kids keep you young. I'm not sure that I subscribe to this theory.

For example, my upper eyelids seem to have disappeared. I'm not sure where they've gone but I definitely used to have them. I last noticed them just before my first child was born. I think the chronic sleep debt has taken my upper eyelids forever. I liked having eyelids top and bottom.

And what about energy levels?.... before having offspring, Fatty and I used to have dinner with friends and stay up laughing until 1 am, without even noticing the time. Now we are yawning at 8 pm. We are elderly. We may as well put on cardigans and bemoan today's youth. Wait, we do wear cardigans and bemoan today's youth (at least, Fatty bemoans and I wear cardigans)

With meals... just like nursing home patients, we eat dinner by 6 pm sharp. Earlier sometimes. That's not young and funky, that's staid. That's us.

I tell the same stories over & over (stop me if I've already told you this). I blame pregnancy, and then children. My friend Chook calls me Alzheimer Girl. Her memory's fine - she's got no kids, has she?

And just in case I'm ever having a day where I kid myself I'm looking bright-eyed and feeling children bring me right back to reality. Like today in the grocery store. I was cruising past the toothpaste section, when my son asked me earnestly:
"Were you born in the olden days, Mummy?"

I smiled, and nodded. "I suppose I was, Ben".

So place your votes, folks. Are kids ageing or just engaging?

PS I must admit I do play a lot more 'Snap' these days


susan said...

I think you are right, they certainly put a cramp in all the fun single things that used to be done. But they are also lots of fun (at times) too. I won't say what everyone else will - enjoy them while they are young, they grow up so fast(blahblah). BUT JUST WAIT til you have grandkids, now they are really fun and make you feel young again! I was just reading your blog when popped up an e-mail that you were reading mine, we must have ESP! Thanks for your kind words.

Flossy said...

Oh boy, Jelly, I so know how you feel! lol.

I love my kids to bits but...some days, it all gets a bit hard to cope with - the aging process they put you through that is :)

Heather said...

They definitely are aging! My oldest got grounded before 8AM this morning. *sigh*

Kerri said...

Jellyhead, you definitely DON'T lack writing skill. You do it very well and imaginatively. And you write with a smile on your face :) Love your sense of humour! The ability to see the humour in our lives is indispensable. Perhaps kids just keep us interested in 'things young'. We definitely lose our youthful looks and zip trying to keep up with them :) My son and his wife have found that out during the past four years! But they're worth every minute! I think raising kids is the most interesting and challenging job ever :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Raising children is a full-time job in itself and the most important job of your life.

You may have some sleep deprivation and loss of energy and pretty much are tied to a strict schedule right now...but you must admit that your kids are fun and very cute, playful and inquisitive.

Enjoy EVERY moment while they are still young because, the next time you turn around they will be teens and then adults and then you will be wondering where the time went. Don't worry about making any mistakes because you get a second chance and it's called GRANDCHILDREN.

TUFFENUF said...

It only gets worse when they are teenagers and they roll their eyes and look at you like you are senile and say, "Mom, you already told me that twice before." (Does he think I like to tell him things more than once?) It is weird to be "old", in an old body, because from in here the world still looks the same to me. If you think about it, this is what we wanted when we were younger, to be happy and secure with our houses and yards, and a warm bed to crawl into whatever time we wanted!

shellyC said...

snap snap and SNAP again!!!!

My husband said we had to stop at three kids because my memory has become so bad. He said if we had a No.4 I would lose it!!!!

Motherkitty said...

We parents think that our children are the ones who are constantly learning new things. In reality, it's the parents who are learning and adapting just to keep up with the little ones. No wonder parents are always so tired.

Isn't it true that children learn more in the first two-three years than in all the rest of their lives (deciphering language, improving motor skills, crawling, scooting, standing up, grasping, walking, running, eating, getting teeth, drinking from a cup, talking, singing, dancing, identifying, learning critical thinking)?
It's the parents, however, who must expend enormous amounts of energy teaching and supporting and loving for this progress to take place.

Were you born in the olden days? How do you think we grandmas feel when the grandkids ask the same question and the olden days are more days than you, Jellyhead, have been alive?

Very cute post.

John Cowart said...

I can sing all the words to "See The Funny Little Bunny". No single guy in the world can do that.

Ginny says, "All the higher animals eat their own young -- there's a reason for that."

But cheer up. Our youngest (of six) is now in college and we have our life back. Your day will come.

Anonymous said...

my youngest turns thirteen tomorrow. Yes I feel old. No more kids only teens in my house. I think my husband and I should start dating again.

manababies said...

My concerns have shifted from not having any exciting plans on the weekend to whether or not I'll be able to eat or sleep or shower on any given day. It's really all about survival I think, and that almost always depends on if the kids are cooperating. So when I do get to eat, sleep, or shower (or all 3!), that's considered a really good day. And when the outcome of the day doesn't look so good, I tell myself to try and survive until lunchtime, at least.

mackeydoodle said...

I beat ya Heather! My boy got grounded at 7:30a.m. yesterday morning!

susan said...

Someone recently said to me about kids - you spend the first 2 years teaching them to talk and walk and the next 15 trying to get them to be quiet and sit down!