Friday, April 14, 2006

communing with cows and chooks

I've been away at my mother's farm. I missed you all, even for such a short time. I especially wanted to check how Motherkitty was progressing after having her knee replacement surgery. I was eager to hear how Heather's stepdad was going. And cmhl - how would she be feeling, after having some medical concerns herself? It was a relief to find out everyone was doing pretty well.

Kerri, I thought of you as Fatty and the kids and I wandered amongst some trees near Mum's house, hoping to spy a koala. You had asked me to post a picture of a koala sometime, and you did ask so nicely! So here, for your viewing pleasure, is the cutie-pie Fatty photographed today!

There are also a couple more photos I couldn't resist posting.

I know I've been compelled to wax lyrical about Mum's property before, but the fact is, her piece of acreage is a real haven for me. After visiting for a night, I feel like I've had a four day escape. Maybe these pictures will give you a hint of what I love about Mum's farm. If only I could post a photo of Mum, too, with her wide, wide smile. After all, she is the farm's star attraction.


susan said...

Hi Jelly! Great pictures, no wonder you love going to the farm. Glad you had a break from city life. Sorry you haven't heard from me, no fault to you. Have been busy with springtime stuff outside, and the DH is back in town, so instead of lonely housewife blogging time, I have time to spend with him. Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for visiting my blog. BTW - I have been keeping up with Motherkitty, in your professional opinion, what do you think - is she on track for a speedy recovery?

Kerri said...

Jelly, you're such a sweetheart :) I love the koala pic. Thank you and thanks to Fatty too. I've saved it to use in my Webshots I'll think of you when I see it. Hope you don't mind. Isn't it funny how all our 'blogging' friends are in our thoughts so much? I love keeping up with their everyday activities. We get to know each other so well! My hubby loves your blog as much as I do :)
I'm keeping track of Motherkitty's progress too. It didn't sound as good as it should in that last undate. I hope and pray she does well. It must be painful, poor thing.
It is sad that you can't post of picture of your lovely mum. I'd love to see her sweet smile. She has produced such a wonderful daughter! Her farm looks beautiful. No wonder you love being there. Don't the kids love it? Our grandsons love to visit ours. I took some nice photos of our farm this week. I'll post one soon. Sorry to be so long-winded. Perhaps you'll send me an email sometime so I can occasionally 'talk' to you that way. You'll find my email in my profile.
Have a lovely Easter Jelly!

TUFFENUF said...

Thanks for the nice photos, it looks so relaxing there! How far is it from where you live? Do you live in the city? I am glad that you got a chance to get away and re-charge yourself.

T. said...

Now I love you even more Jelly. A koala bear. My kids went nuts when they saw it! I am only slightly jealous of your mom's acreage, after all, I have one too. But everything is soo green down under. Up here, we are still mucky brown.

Alice said...

Heaven on Earth. I'm sure you appreciate those little breaks to the farm more than an extravagant holiday at a luxury resort (although you might want one of those too). My children all have such fond memories of their grandparents' farm - and wish they could buy it back.

Val said...

Oh, Jelly, thanks so much for that koala photo. Aren't they adorable? It took me a while after moving to Australia all those years ago to believe that such sweet-looking animals really existed in the wild. The noises they make though are anything but cute! That link should take readers directly to the sound bite. If not, this is the page from the Australian Koala Foundation that it came from. Click on the koala's photo for the audio file. Some interesting facts on their website.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Jelly...your mother's farm looks like the perfect retreat. Thank you for posting such lovely pictures...And thank you Val for the koala sounds...I had no idea they sounded like that.

Tomas has posted a Motherkitty update today for those interested. You can find his link on Motherkitty or my blog also.

doubleknot said...

Lovely pictures. Your Mum's place looks like it is a restful retreat.
Wow a picture of a koala just hanging out.

Anonymous said...

my daughter loves Koala's! I'll have to show her.

We are going to my mom's place tomorrow. She raises chickens. She said she wanted a cow, but I told her I would disown her if she did.

cmhl said...

great pictures!!!!

is a koala a "chook"?

jellyhead said...

cmhl, you funny old chook,

No! A chook is a chicken! Another bit of Aussie slang for you to casually throw in to future conversations.