Thursday, May 25, 2006

home alone

Here I sit, in a silent house. No husband, puttering and muttering around. No children, arguing over the plasticine. Even the dog has vacated the premises. It is quiet and still. You may be wondering how I got so lucky - is it my birthday, or perhaps have I taken a 'me' day? Am I taking a day off work to nurture my inner soul?

Well, no. No, negative, nup, uh-uh. I owe this day alone at home to the joys can I put this delicately... gastrointestinal distress. Or I could use a good old Aussie term 'the collywobbles'. Let's just say my guts are crook. It's all fun, fun, fun here at the house of Jellyhead.

You know, I withheld some vital information from you all about our holiday last week. It's not that I wanted to be deceptive or anything - I just didn't want to be a moaner and a groaner, a whiner and a wailer. And let's face it - it's really not terribly interesting for people to read about diarrhoea and vomiting, is it? I tried to spare you, especially those with squeamish sensibilities. But the fact is, Laura got sick on the first Saturday of our week away, then Fatty and Ben followed on the Tuesday. They remained a bit under-the-weather for about 5 days each. So while we still had some fun, Fatty and the kids were below par, and I spent a lot of time getting up through the night, cleaning up and washing. (Now you know part of the reason I was soooo glad to get home)

I consoled myself with the fact that I was the un-chosen one. By the start of this week, I thought I was in the clear for sure! Well, you know now that I was sadly mistaken.

It's awfully peaceful here, though. And I don't feel THAT bad. I think the worst may have passed. I'm starting to feel guilty about not going to work which is SO dumb, even from the point of view of not infecting any of my poor patients with this bug. So here I sit, idly blogging, wondering what all the rest of you are up to.

I think I might proclaim this WHINING DAY. Now that I have whined, I want to hear some complaints from the lives of you, my blogpals. It will make me feel better, truly. They say misery loves company, so let's form a great big company of woe. Let's block out all happy, grateful, appreciative thoughts, and concentrate fully on all our frustrations! T, your hubby took your car keys to work, and you ended up locked out of the house to boot - let's hear an outraged diatribe from you, please. And Motherkitty, we know you still have plenty of knee pain and stiffness after your recent surgery - surely you can manage a small gripe? There must be more of you with something negative to say - help me out here.

I need your whingeing support, friends. Over to you.....


cmhl said...

oh NO!!! enjoy your day by yourself if you can, maybe take some maalox?

Motherkitty said...

Jelly, I'm so sorry you are suffering from N/V, especially after posting such great pics of your vacation. Here we thought you were out and about doing all kinds of great things. And now we learn that you were all down with a bug. That's bad.

So, to make you feel better, if you wish to hear whining from some of us, okay, I can whine just fine. Which ache and pain do you want me to whine about first? How about the one that brings tears to my eyes when I have to do the climb-down-the-wall exercise in physical therapy, or how about when I have sat too long in my La-Z-Boy and try to get up to a standing position. You don't want to hear all this cry-baby stuff? Neither do I, if you want to know. It's getting better, but in the meantime all I hear from the therapists is MORE FLEXION, MORE EXTENSION, MORE ROM. Let's get her to put her leg behind her head and have her stand with her fingers under her toes with her knees in a perfectly straight position. And, while she's crying her eyes out, let's measure to see if she's at 120 degrees flexion yet!!!

Well, that's all the whining I'm going to do for now. I hope this made you feel better. At least it might keep your mind off the N/V long enough to get a little laugh out of it. Hope you are back to your old self by morning.

Heather said...

Oh, Jelly! I want you to feel better right now! Right now, I say! ;-)

What can I whine about? My husband is an insufferable know-it-all who asked me if I was sure I wanted to eat a snack so close to dinner time the other day. As if I am his child and not his WIFE!

TUFFENUF said...

OH Jelly, I know it well. I take some medications that sometimes cause GI distress. I am lucky to be retired; if I don't feel good in the morning - I can go back to bed. I always feel guilty that I am slacking though, not doing my housework! I feel sorry for the critically ill people in the world that are constantly in pain. When I feel bad, I always try to remember them. I hope you feel better soon; the "doc" should never be sick! Take care of yourself and rest.

John Cowart said...

You want I should whine?

Well, I got a roality check from my books sales last week. Oh why didn't I take that job at McDonalds when I had the chance. I cound have really made something of myself.

doubleknot said...

So sorry you are sick - sounds like what I went through a few weeks back - thought I might as well move into the bathroom.
Right now I feel really whinny but know I will get over it. Mostly my room mate who is doing therapy for his arm and nothing is helping - his worry and anger are spilling out to me and his kids. I still haven't even gotten a picture of him with his new grand child. I could go on but gee that feels better now - thanks for the share a whine.

Kerri said...

Poor Jelly! But as usual you're treating the situation with humour...good therapy :)
Whining to keep you company? you go: The lawn needs mowing AGAIN! Two days ago we had freezing weather and rain for 3 days..I was really whining then!! Now the sun is out and the warmer temps are back, so I'm feeling much happier. AND A&T are bringing the grandkids to visit on the weekend :) BUT I have to clean the house...which I HATE! There are so many other things I'd rather do (I want to get some planting done)!! How's that? :)
I hope you feel 100% again SOON!

shellyC said...

Hope you are feeling better really soon.

We have just had Luca up half the night with a vomiting bug.....Looks like I am going to be washing a hell of a lot of towells and sheets today!!! Plus I hope NO ONE else gets it...Then i will really be back to whine!!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Now wait a minute, wait a minute...don't rush me here...I'm trying to think of something to whine about. about it was raining when I woke up this morning but soon turn warm, sunny & beautiful...NO, NO that's not something to whine about...Let me think.
I have it...I went out to take the picture of the white water lily and I sat on the ground and got my butt wet. Is that whiny enough? I hate walking around with a wet butt.

Hopefully you'll already feel better by the time you read this comment.

PHOTO said...

I hate stomach upsets. Course I have a lot of stomach to get upset. Anyway, I had to go to work today and it's a beautiful day. I always whine about that.

Anonymous said...

Well there's nothing like a good whine. Get it out of your system so you can move on to better things.

Franny said...

Feel better Jelly...I had it BAD earlier in the year, so I feel your pain. As for whining, ok, let's try this:

I got to work late this morning and helped myself to a croissant and coffee that were laying out in the foyer (i thought they were leftovers from an event). Found out later that the person who had ordered the refreshments was watching and scowling because they were for her conference that she paid big $$ for and they weren't done with the food. Now, there's a terribly patronizing company-wide email circulating about not taking food that's not yours, and everyone is shocked and wondering who could POSSIBLY have done such a thing!!!! Coinky-dink?

How was that?

jellyhead said...

Thanks for the whinges, everyone - I definitely feel better for hearing some other moans!

Motherkitty and Tuff, you put me to shame because generally I am well, and you guys are currently living with pain/discomfort/side-effects etc on a daily basis. You are troopers, both of you.

ShellyC, I hope you got a better sleep the following night (after Luca's bad night), and that the rest of you have escaped the dreaded bug.

John, Kerri, Photo, Doubleknot, Heather and Sandy - you did try to whinge, but you're obviously not truly talented whiners. In fact, Sandy, you did a very poor job! Your intrinsic positivity kept shining through!

Franny, your story wins the prize (What prize? says Franny - to which I answer sheepishly 'No ACTUAL prize') - not because it was very whingey, but just because it was very entertaining!

Thanks guys - you cheered me up no end!

Val said...

Dearest Jelly,
I'm sure you're better by now (I'm finally getting around to reading some blogs today), and you probably don't need to hear any more whines from us. Which is good because I just can't think of one at the moment.

manababies said...

Oh gosh, jellyhead, I am so sorry that your family was sick. :( I also brace myself whenever everyone has a bug of some sort, because I am always the last one to get it and it's usually worse than everyone else's (or at least I think so anyway).

Currently I have nothing to whine about, except when I had intended to comment yesterday, my husband was whining that I was still awake and it was so late. So he did the whining on my behalf. :)

Flossy said...

No whining from me - I did it all on my blog! lol.

I hope you are feeling much better now Jelly. I hate "stummy" bugs (as my kids call it).

T. said...

Oh dear, I'm a little late with the request for venting.

Sorry Jelly. Apparently having a puppy is like having a newborn baby...I can't seem to find time to blog and wipe up puppy pee. I will get better, I promise!

Hope you're feeling much better. And if you want someone to vent, just know that I think my hubs is a dumbass (whom I love) right now!