Sunday, May 06, 2007


Can you hear that crunching, munching, gulping sound?

It's me.

Eating humble pie.


Princess Banter said...

Awwwwwwww... what happened hon?

thisisme said...

Ouch. That sucks.

And I meant to ask this before, but naked internet photos? Who does that?

John Cowart said...

Humble pie is good. Tastes a lot like chicken... or is it crow?

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh nooooo! My commiserations

Kerri said...

Oh good grief! What does this mean? Pots and pans for a week? I hope Fatty didn't bake the humble pie :)
On the positive side: You were a trooper to go over and find out (would Fatty have done that?), and you owned up for all the world to see! Good on ya mate! You're a real sport! :)

Val said...

Oh dear. And there I had total faith in you. Now you must tell us sometime about the bets you HAVE won.

shellyC said...

Oh don't you just hate that!!
Organise another sure win bet for yourself really soon - with not so nice prizes!!

Anonymous said...

Well at least humble pie is calorie free!!

Sandy said...

Awwww drat...but at least you only have to LOAD the dishwasher.

I seem to always lose the bets too, but Jimmy never makes me pay up. hehehe

Remiman said...

This doesn't diminish my faith in you one bit!
I like to see the human side of my friends.

fifi said...

oh nooo
not an oboe!

dang it.

meggie said...

That humble pie can stick in your craw!

TUFFENUF said...

Oh my God! My money was on you! Glad I didn't really make a wager!

Redneck Mommy said...

An oboe eh?

How's that humble pie taste? You must learn from me dahlin', not to make any bets with the hubster that you have a small chance of losing.

Why else do you think I'd agree to posting nudies on the net? Cuz it WILL NEVER happen.

That is why.

Enjoy the pie. Bwhahaha!