Saturday, May 26, 2007


It's been a week between posts, and still I have nothing to say for myself. I'm in a reflective, rather than a talkative, frame of mind.

I have been reading all my your blogs assiduously, and enjoying the news, and funny tales, and sweet stories. I just haven't left a comment. For once, I have kept my mouth shut.

To prevent boredom at my blog, I am going to let some others do the talking here for me. By 'others', I mean my family.


"This is not just stamp-collecting you know. I have one life to see as many Australian birds as I can." - Fatty


"To be a good friend, you need a very good pair of ears" - Laura


"It's not how rich you are, it's how good your day is." - Benjamin

I hope you all cherish this one life, enjoy your good ears, and have a day that is everything you wish for!


Val said...

Jelly, it's not the quantity, it's the quality, and these are quality thoughts from that quality family of yours.

As for yourself, it is a wise person who remains silent when appropriate.

thisisme said...

I've been wondering where you were, but Val is right, it is the quality and not the quantity.

Thanks for putting up those thoughts from the family

fifi said...

Thank you Jellyhead.

It has been a trying week, and I am one of the one-life variety, and thus try and cram far too much into it.

I probably should stay quiet a bit more often....

freefalling said...

I just discovered you and now you have stopped writing!
oh well.. we all need a bit of quiet time occasionally - hope all is well.

meggie said...

What a lovely post! All true, & worth remembering.

TUFFENUF said...

Out of the mouths of babes! What beautiful thoughts from your children. I have been quiet lately myself. We love to hear anything from you Jelly!

Heather said...

Your children are as kind-hearted and sweet as you are. ;-)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Kids are amazingly perceptive, aren't they? Fatty sounds a bit desperate...tell him to slow down on the philately.

I find it heard not to comment sometimes but...discretion is the better part of valour at those, I just look and don't say anything...grin.

Remiman said...

For some reason, I can't put a word to, I find your style of blogging very comfortable. Like true friendship; One doesn't have to do, say or write something for another to know that you're there, and always available. Don't apologize for being you. It's the you we love.

Sandy said...

remiman has said it all...that's exactly how I feel about you jelly.

Love the quotes from your family and I'm glad that you shared them with us.

Kerri said...

You're a lovable gal Jelly me old mate! Quiet, or chatty, we love you just the same. Rel said it well.
Wow, those kiddies are philosophers at such a young age!
I can relate to Fatty's desire to see as many birds as possible :)
If you get the chance, bring the kids over to see the fawn Ross found. It's adorable with a capital "A"!

susan said...

sometimes you just need to be quiet... talking is overrated. love your family's thoughts

Mimi said...

I love Fatty's comment on birds. I share his love for them. I would love to have a blog just for birds but I don't have a zoom lens capable for shooting decent photos of them.


Alipurr said...

hey, I hardly ever make it over boy is keeping me busy, but I have to say I like to read your posts

it seems that lots of us bloggers (at least the few I know) have gone through a recent tome of not having much to say....

I am like you, I read lots, but don't always comment

Alipurr said...

ok, recent time, not tome, ha ha

that's what happens when you type w/1 hand while holding a pretty sleeping baby