Sunday, October 14, 2007

flora and fauna

I'd never visited the South-West of Australia before, and I savoured the sights everywhere we went. Here are a few photos to entice would-be visitors, to bring back memories for previous visitors, and to allow others to live vicariously
This was a treetop walk in Walpole, where you can stroll along (or wheel yourself along - the walk is wheelchair friendly) 40 metres above the ground. Talk about having a bird's eye view!

This peacock boldly waltzed through the beachside cafe, unperturbed by the attention he received.

Flowers in the wildflower section of Kings Park, Perth.

A quokka, sitting pretty. These small hopping marsupials are found only in Western Australia, and mainly on Rottnest Island.

A red tingle tree, showing the staining patterns that make these trees so eye-catching.

Laura, feeding a Western Rosella with wild birdseed given to her by another tourist.
Happy Weekend to all!


meggie said...

Oh Jelly thankyou for sharing these lovely photos with us! I love to see out & about!
I could never go on the high walk, my heart would stop. I love the peacock!
And Laura feeding the bird.

thisisme said...

What gorgeous photos - thank you for posting them. I've never made it that far West yet.

freefalling said...

oh - I've always wanted to go to this part of the world - you didn't get down to Esperence, did you? (it is only a quick 700km drive from Perth, after all).
I've heard about the tree-top walk there - I've been to one in the Otways (vic) and the Tahune one (tas) - I was terrified out of my mind both times!
Bet your mum would have like to get her hands on that quokka - what with all her pademelons and what have you.

Flossy said...

Great photos!
I am one who will have to livwe vicariously through your pics, until I get the chance to travel to all the places I want to go...

Motherkitty said...

What a lovely vacation you had. I'm sure you and your family have many fond memories of all the fun things you did. I especially liked the high-up walkway although I can't see myself on that thing since I'm terrified of heights. It's still very beautiful and I imagine quite a thrill being above the trees like that.

Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.

TUFFENUF said...

Very nice photos of the land down under - someday I wish - I will visit! I hope you had a relaxing holiday with your family!

Heather said...

Thanks for sussing it out for my future visit. ;-) Just FYI, I will NOT be doing the tree top walk.

Val said...

Love those treetop walks. Have you done the one in the Otways?

Is your logo (top right) new? It's so attractive. Did you create it yourself?

The bark on Australian trees has to be one of the most beautiful things about the bush. Our street trees are paperbark - I'm always stopping to look at them.

And in response to your comment on my blog: yes I am indeed a senior. Actually, my age used to be on the blog itself, but the switch to new Blogger has hidden it in my profile. I wasn't trying to hide it, really!

shellyC said...

Lovely photos!! I like the tree one!! Glad you had such a great holiday. How was the wine tasting??

Remiman said...

With your photogrphic enticements, I may have to consider a trip downunder next.

Alice said...

I enjoyed your photos, Jelly. Reminded me of our visit in early 2005. I didn't have a digital camera then. Just think how berserk I'd have gone if I had.

I would never have been able to get enough of the trees around Pemberton, the beauty around Denmark, and the magnificent seas and sands all along the coast.

Glad you had a great time, Jelly.

Susan said...

I guess I will be one of the vicarious ones for now, thanks for taking us along on a virtual vacation!

Redneck Mommy said...

Looks lovely Jelly. My inlaws are on their way to Australia in November for a month. I'm insanely jealous. I've thought about stowing away in their luggage and hunting you and Jelly Ma down.

One day my friend, one day.

Sandy said...

I can see an image of a squirrel in the bark of the red tingle tree.

Thanks for sharing these photos of your holiday. The tree top walk must have been very exciting.

Kerri said...

Thanks for sharing a few snippets of what you saw in beautiful W. Aust Jelly. I've read about that treetop walk and would love to do it. What a neat experience it must be!
The quokka is new to me. You learn something new every day. Oz sure has some cute furry hopping (and non-hopping) animals.
Such pretty wildflowers.
Laura must've loved feeding the birds. Reminds me of Kathy feeding kookaburras and lorikeets at my mum's place when we were there in '94.
Looks like you had a wonderful getaway!

jellyhead said...

Thanks Val - my new 'logo' was actually sent to me by Heather (of Blog, Blah, Blah) - she found it on one of those free images sites, and tailored it for my use (thank you Heather!). I like it, too :)