Tuesday, October 02, 2007


*Most of you who read Jellyhead's blog regularly can probably guess who I am. I came to play at Jelly's place while she is away on holiday guzzling wine and cavorting on the beach.*

My friend Jellyhead called me tonight. She's away on a two week vacation thus we've not been chatting almost daily as per our usual routine. I'm suffering greatly. I think she may need to take me with her on her next holiday. I'm just sayin'.

I told her, "I almost hacked into your blog to write a guest post but wasn't sure how you'd feel about it." She answered, "Aw, that'd be okay so long as you don't reveal anything about me." I giggled, "Girl, I am gonna tell alllllll your secrets."

Then she said, in that lovely Australian accent, "You DO know how much power you have, right? Knowing so much about me?"

I assured her that I'd never tell her secrets to the world*. After all, she knows my secrets too. I also let her know that I don't feel powerful -- only lucky to be her confidante.

But I've been thinking tonight about how right she is. In my opinion, learning to love and trust someone new is an act of unparalleled bravery. We have to screw up our courage in order to let ourselves be seen and known -- the good and the bad. We have to emotionally disrobe and stand naked and shivering before we can be wrapped in the warmth of friendship and love.

Jellyhead's right. We hand over immense power when we decide to love someone new. And then we have to pull the soft cloak of friendship tighter about us and pray that no one walks away with our heart.

*Those of you who really want to know some of Jellys's secrets can send me payment in the form of cash, check or money order.

(Just kidding, Jelly. )

(And, I MISS YOU!)


meggie said...

I have an idea who has sneaked in here on J's behalf... but that is ok, I know you are really & truly a friend, who only wants the best for her. Don't we all!!
Hope this holiday is soothing the soul for Jelly.
Hugs XXXX((((0))))

Susan said...

would it be revealing if you just posted a picture of jelly (and not actually say anything...) hehe

thanks for being jelly's stand-in!

John Cowart said...

Where do we mail that check?

thisisme said...

Lovely post :) It really is a form of trust and protection when you have as many secrets about each other. The measure of a real friendship.

Do you take Visa?

Puss-in-Boots said...

That's nice of you to post on Jelly's behalf and of course, you wouldn't tell all her secrets at all, would you?

(What's the address to send the cheque!)

Motherkitty said...

H & J -- almost like peanut butter and jelly but rather heather and jelly. Yes, please post a picture of Jellyhead. We'd love to "see" her.

Thanks for the charming post.

fifi said...

I can't imagine her secrets would be TOO dire.

But how much to you want for them?

Ha ha hope youre holiday has been great Jelly!
(and hacker-friend)