Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Mama Bear tagged a few of us to do this meme. Now that I have written mine, I am concerned I may have ended up disclosing some slightly odd stuff. But at least I don't have model airplanes in my closet!

5 things in my freezer:

1) 2 blackened bananas (you know, for the banana cake I've been intending to make for, oh, 5 months or so)
2) a large chicken - dead, beheaded and de-feathered, of course. I looooove cooking roast chook!
3) Sara Lee rum 'n' raisin ice cream (there's gotta be ice cream!)
4) a golf-ball sized hailstone, stored assiduously by my children since the last hailstorm
5) leftovers in tupperware, for those nights when my frown is larger than my smile

5 things in my closet:

1) a short winter skirt that I once wore with tights and boots, but now could only wear with a very long skirt over top. It needs to go. I need to face reality.
2) a mouthguard, chest guard, shin guards and sparring gloves in a backpack (for karate)
3) my wedding top and skirt, hanging forlornly, wishing they would see the light of day again. Sorry guys.
4) bridesmaids dresses. Like the wedding outfit, they wait in vain.
5) handbags I have known and now know to be ugly.

5 things in my car:

1) crumbs
2) tissues
3) street directory
4) dinosaur mini-torch
5) 1-2 children, depending

5 things in my purse:

1) gum
2) baby wipes
3) ibuprofen
4) diary
5) roller mini-bottle of perfume my daughter gave me for Mother's Day. It is very floral, and very stinky. I pretend I love it.

5 things in my wallet:

1) photo of my hubby and kids,
2) photo of my brother and sister
3) stamps
4) ticket stub from the last movie I saw
5) old shopping list that reads:' floss, fly spray, salt, bread, beer, wine, crayons, paper, mags'. I don't know what occasion these items were for, but it sounds like it would have been fun. Except for the flossing, of course.

I'm done, all done. Who else feels like rifling through their belongings? Feel free to leave an abbreviated version of this meme in the comments section. I'd be interested in your freezers and closets, in particular!


The Four Bears in the Woods said...

Good Job Jelly!

I wanted to explain why I have a model airplane in my closet. :)Well... this is my husband's hobby (building model planes) and this is where he decided to store it. :)

And I always carry my Ibuprofen also EVERYWHERE I go.

Again, I enjoyed reading your meme. Thanks for doing it.

Mama Bear

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I buy bananas and then have to wait for them to ripen before I make my banana bread...I didn't know you could freeze the black bananas. Thank you for the tip, now I will be able to make banana bread anytime.

Loved reading some of your items...crumbs in your car? *LOL*
And flowery perfume given to you by Laura, brings back such sweet memories of the gifts given to me by my children, that I had to pretend I just loved. *big smile*

Very good meme Jelly...I really got a laugh reading it.

Motherkitty said...

I got tagged by Mama Bear also. I hope I can come up with as good a list as all the rest have. Will give it a try.

Doesn't everyone carry baby wipes???

manababies said...

Hehe... So I am not the only one with black bananas hidden in my freezer. :) And I am convinced that I will be carrying babywipes in my purse until I am old and too arthritic to pull out each little wipey myself. Those things are the best!

thisisme said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog - you made my day :)

I'm a little too scared to go through some of my cupboards - I paid my younger sister to go through my kitchen cupboards last year - but at least I can find my Tupperware now! My freezer is full of pies - perfect for Melbourne's vile winter weather - result of a pie drive.

Franny said...

I think the perfume you 'hate' is the cutest thing ever! I also didn't know you could freeze bananas. This is good news!

My closet has a lot of clothes that no longer fit, that are no longer in style, etc. Also, my husband's hockey equipment, and he hasn't played in 10 years!