Tuesday, November 14, 2006

an apology and a whinge

Dear Blogfriends,

I'm posting briefly to apologise for my temporary absence, and particularly for my lack of commenting on your blogs. I have been a little haphazard with my reading, and a bit reticent with commenting, even when I have been reading. So please don't think I have abandoned you all.

My son has been sick over the past three days (and right now is lying in a feverish sleep nearby), so looking after him has consumed most of my time.

This is the 7th stomach bug our family has encountered over the past 12 months. I am just a tad fed up. And in case you were wondering - no, I do not prepare food un-hygienically, and yes, I do make sure my kids wash their hands before eating! Before this past year, neither of my children had ever been ill with a vomiting illness. I suppose they are simply making up for lost time! I'm not impressed.

Today I am feeling particularly isolated. No-one has phoned to see how Ben is - not my close friend Chooky, who knows Ben is ill, not my Mum (who is probably working, to be fair), not Fatty (who is also at work), not my sister-in-law, who was here the day it all started. What are these people thinking - do they not realise the world revolves around me and my children??? Gee whiz.

Ben whimpered to me today, with waxy face, "I wish I was you, Mummy. Then I wouldn't be vomiting."

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


shellyC said...

I'd phone you if I knew your number!!!!!


thisisme said...

Me too!!!!

Poor Ben, I hope he is feeling better soon, and things settle down for you all.

Kerri said...

Jelly, you know I'd call you too if I knew your number!! I'd love to hear your Aussie accent :)
I hope poor little Ben feels better soon.

susan said...

We are here for ya, jelly! Wish there was something we could do.

Alice said...

I hope you are all much better tomorrow. It's always such a worry when your children are ill - all you want is for them to be better.

There are many of us out here who know exactly how you feel and how worried and fed up you feel.

Blessings to you always, Jelly.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you should publish your phone number! (hahahaha!)Sorry that Ben is sick; there is nothing worse for a kid than throwing up! As I am sure you are aware, most kids catch the germs from their friends or school mates. They can't keep their hands off each other. My thoughts are with you. As my boys got older they stopped getting sick so often; so hang in there!

Motherkitty said...

Okay, you've had your whine and we all feel terrible that your kids are sick again. That's too many times to deal with vomit, fevers, headaches, and all that these infections/viruses entail, including cleaning up and laundry. And, trying to figure out what you can give them to eat that they can keep down and not get dehydrated.

Now, if you would just give us your phone number, we would ALL inundate you with phone calls to make you and the kids feel better. Heck, we might even send you care packages if we had your address. Or, we might come visit you.

I echo everybody's sentiment about hoping poor Ben (and mom) feels better very soon. No fun for a little kid to throw up.

Love, your blogpals

Remiman said...

Brnggg, brngggg, brngg,
Hello, Jelly?
Hi, it's rel. I'm just calling to say hi and ask how Ben is doing. You guys have certainly had your fill if sickness this year. I wish for things to be on the mend for you all.

Have a fine day Jelly.

Oh. p.s. I wuv u Jelly ;-)

Franny said...

Oh wow, that is awful! I totally understand. DON'T APOLOGIZE.

Take care of yourself, and let us know when everone is better.

jellyhead said...

To all you wonderful blogpals -
THANK YOU! You have cheered me up no end with your sweet and funny comments.

Ben is definitely on the mend today, and therefore his mother is happier, too!

THANK YOU again for being such lovely friends to me.

meggie said...

A little late getting here, but so glad to read that Ben is feeling better!

My little grandson seems to have had more than his share of stomach bugs this year too. Our GP told us it is really 'doing the rounds!.
Horrible to see the little ones sick though.

Andrew said...

Hi Jelly,
I know what you're going through. With three kids, my wife and I have been through just about every type of vomiting episode you can imagine, and it's always worse when they are little. You feel so helpless as a parent -- you want to make them better and you can't. I'm glad to hear your son is feeling better today. Here's hoping he'll be fully there really soon.

Last month I posted on "How Not to Ask Your Husband for Help" and you asked me to follow up on the "How To" side. Well, today I have started down that road with a post about how to state requests. Just thought I'd let you know, since you were so supportive in your comment last time.

Have a MUCH better day than yesterday!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I'm also a little late getting here and I'm glad Ben is feeling somewhat better...I'm sure that it's a big relief to you too.

We all feel for you and can relate as mothers. Take care and you know that we all would have called you if we had your number...

Val said...

Hey Jelly! (forgive this comment in lieu of email but I don't have your address). In response to the comment you left on my blog:

I’m still around, or back I should say, and am more than OK, but I’m going through a prolonged settling in stage. After 6 weeks away, ending with 5 days in Hawaii with Dad, I have been well and truly spoiled.

But I plan to post an explanatory post soon (comments and emails still coming in – it’s heartwarming really!).