Friday, November 10, 2006

ring a ding ding!

Look what my wee daughter found
by the sandpit, on the ground -
something shiny, something bright
that made me grin with pure delight -

Fatty's long-lost ring is home!
and no more shall I let it roam.
(I have a plan that's sound and true
involving tubes of superglue)

Welcome old ring, back to the fold
Sorry new ring - make way for the old...
I thank my lucky stars above
For old rings, old friends, and longlasting love.


shellyC said...

How fantastic!! Glad the ring is back home.

Remiman said...

I see that your talents are witout end!
Good things do happen to good people.

susan said...

Lost ring found turns jelly into a poet!

Superglue sounds good!

Motherkitty said...

Good things happen to those who pay it forward!!!

What good eyesight darling daughter has. I once lost a diamond earring outside by my car, near the street in the gravel, in the snow. If not for that glint of gold, I never would have found it when the snow started melting.

(I trust you are joking about the superglue because that stuff could actually stick parts together that were not meant to be stuck.)

I love your poetic poetry and exclamations of love -- reads almost like Ode to Joy.

xxooxx L.

mackeydoodle said...

Glad you found the ring.
Great poetry there too Jelly!

Alice said...

Wonderful to have the old ring back - a shiny new replacement can never take the place of the original in its significance. Super glue sounds like a fine idea ... lol.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

What a wonderful whimsical poem!!!
The long lost ring is home and you really aren't thinking of super glueing it to his finger are you? Just kidding.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Anonymous said...

You are the greatest Jelly! and a poet too! Tell Fatty to just to never take that ring off again. It was a stroke of good luck that your daughter found it.

Kerri said...

Oh what luck! And it has inspired you to wax poetic :) What a clever girl you are Jelly. I think this calls for a special dessert to celebrate, with an extra helping for Laura! :)
How long ago was the ring lost? I'm very glad it's now found.

Val said...

How wonderful that the ring was found, just think off all the odds against that happening.

It reminds me of a ring lost under quite different circumstances and no chance of recovery. It was about 23 years ago and we were on a 3 day paddle steamer cruise on the Murray River. One of our fellow passengers was twisting the wedding ring on his finger, and in doing so it came off and rolled off the boat and into the river. I felt dreadful for him at the time, and still sometimes think of that incident. I'm so glad your story had a better outcome, Jelly!

meggie said...

See, the ring was meant to return!
Loved your little poem to go with it.

Franny said...

WOW! How very fortunate! We lose our rings every coupla months here too...I can relate!

Gopher said...

Superglue is not a good idea, it can be painful to remove even in expert hands..
I am glad however you got the ring you thought was lost forever back.