Sunday, November 05, 2006

gumboots and grass and galahs

We had planned to go camping, but inclement weather and the lure of an orphan calf that Mum is bottle-feeding found us spending a couple of days at Mum's farm.

I expected the calf to be sweet and cuddly, but he alternated between skittish and outright rude - butting unsuspecting adults between the legs with his head, as if we all had suddenly grown udders. The kids enjoyed feeding him, though, and he does look quite appealing.

Fatty photographed a new bird and was positively exuberant.

I walked around, snapping farm photos and soaking up the sights and sounds I love so much.

I hope you've all managed to find some time to soak up some beauty in your weekends, too. Happy Sunday!


Gopher said...

Well see jellyhead, it's just sunday here and well hmm let me think I got a few things to do today like look after nephew and wish my sister a happy birthday..

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Oh my a new calf...the kids look like they are totally enjoying bottle feeding the calf. Being on a farm with animals sounds so relaxing to me and I would love every minute of it...including feeding the animals and collecting the eggs.

Is the top picture the picture of Fatty's new birds? The bird picture is very pretty with the blue flowers on the tree.

The little insect (Praying Mantis)did not get her proper burial because when I went back out she was gone. I think Jimmy swept her away when he swept off the walkway. The reason I'm calling her a she is because one of the commenters is a science teacher who identified her as such from the picture.
It turned out to be a very beautiful sunny day today and tomorrow promises to be even better. I may take a little ride on my bike.

shellyC said...

Oh please can I put in an order for a calf like that one!!! How gorgeous!!!!! And I hope you have one of those fantastic rain coats too Jelly!!

meggie said...

Love the raincoats.
Always loved feeding the orphan lambs- who are not so agressive as the calves!
Lucky you, what a nice place to be.

Anonymous said...

It was nice that you got to spend some time with your mum; but camping would have been nice. The children look like they are having fun with the calf. It is a good experience for them. The calf is really cute!

John Cowart said...

Rose-breasted birds amid purple flower clusters, yellow slickers with green frogs -- a colorful posting.

Franny said...

Oh that is so beautiful...sad though that the little creature was a brute. Didn't his mother ever teach him any manners?

Your kids are so blessed to be experiencing these kinds of things. We are hoping to take a farm vacation next year.

T. said...

Feeding orphan calves is nothing new to my kids around these parts. They just look at those sweet faces and then proclaim (loudly) that the calf looks like a good steak!

Looks like you had a beautiful weekend! I love the bird in the purple flower tree. Everything looks so unusual and surreal.

Have a great week, Jelly.

Kerri said...

Don't kids just love baby animals? That's a pretty white calf. Yes, calves can be quite obnoxious with their heads. They have such strong necks! I remember my calf-feeding days well! It wasn't always an enjoyable job. We used pails mostly. Only needed a bottle occasionally.
Is that a jacarandah tree the galahs are sitting in? I love that picture! Love them all. Looks like a beautiful place to spend time. Love those raincoats :) Nice to see some rain there!!!
Hi Jellyma!! :)Hope you are well!

susan said...

I know your kids probably love to visit The Farm, and it is obvious that you do too! It looks like a great time was had by all.

Tabor said...

Visiting from mannababies and just had to say that I love the photo of the parrots as it brings back memories of my vacation there many, many years ago.

Heather said...

Looks like you had so much fun!

Cows can be so stubborn, can't they? :-)

Alice said...

Yep, that's one thing that calves are not - cute and cuddly. Well, cute yes, but cuddly, definitely not.

Your photos are terrific. Glad you all had such a good time. Your Mum's farm sounds like a real tonic.