Tuesday, January 30, 2007

bits and pieces

Yesterday I mistook my friend's son for a cat (c'mon, children and cats are very similar). I was talking to this friend, whom I am only just getting to know, via IM and webcam. She mentioned something about wanting me to see 'Jake', whom I vaguely knew to be her son. However, before I'd fully registered her statement, my attention was caught by the sight of something round, furry, and wriggling, which was fuzzily visible in her lap.

"Is that a cat?" I typed, and sent. As I pressed send, the webcam picture became clearer. The 'cat' lifted it's head up from its mother's lap, and morphed into the tousled head of Jake. Whoops! How do you recover from that? How do you take your ginormous foot out of your mouth to explain how you thought your friend's beloved child was a feline critter? I did my best.

With Laura at school, I have been spending more one-on-one time with Benjamin. Today we got out magazines and scissors and glue for him to do some collage (no, I'm not always such an interactive mother, but every now and then I do try!). I noticed, not for the first time, Ben's endearing habit of opening and closing his jaws in time with the scissor blades. Cut, cut, cut (chomp, chomp, chomp). It's awfully cute. Apparently Fatty used to stick his tongue out when cutting, as a kid. Sounds dangerous to me. The important thing here is - Ben's weird habit can be blamed on Fatty. Perfect.

Although it is Laura who is spreading her wings and going to school, Ben is also attempting to do more and more for himself. It's a relatively new thing, because for the past 4 years, Ben has spent his waking hours trying to get Fatty and I to run around madly fetching him things and dressing him and making him snacks. This kid was born to be served... but he really lucked out with us for parents!

As part of his newfound independence, Benjamin has been buckling himself into his carseat. Whoo-hoo! Yay Ben! Occasionally, though, he can't quite get the second 'prong' in. Today he was struggling, and the car was stinking hot, so I reached over to help. I was stopped in my tracks by his protest, "Mummy! Why do you have to be so helpful?"

Why indeed. Silly me.

That's pretty much it. Life goes on as usual, for which I am very thankful.

Happy Tuesday!


Motherkitty said...

That age-old adage comes to mind when I think of Ben and Laura Lou coming of age, "Mother, I'd rather do it myself." Two steps forward and two steps back. It's a mother-child dance that takes place in all families all over the world. It's human nature.

As far as Jake being mistaken for a cat, I think I treat my cats like children. Even so, there's no mistaking that they are four-legged creatures and not my "real" two-legged offspring. I'm sure your IM'ing friend thought it was really, really funny that you mistook her little Jake for a cat in a lap as he raised his hairy little head. Too funny.

John Cowart said...

"Born to be served"... Yes indeed, cats and kids do resemble each other!

Anonymous said...

Reading your life is like reading Erma Bomback. Delightful!
I love John C's comment. Perfect.

T. said...

Enjoy it Jelly.

For soon they will be whining, "Mommy, why can't you be MORE helpful?" Generally after being told they have to clean the bathroom themselves, put away their laundry or pick up the dog poo.

Sigh. How fast they grow.

Heather said...

I am certain your friend was highly entertained at your gaffe rather than offended.

Trust me.

Anonymous said...

I think cats are very easy to mistake for kids. We call Jasmine "the child" all the time :), especially when she's doing something she shouldn't.
Born to be served...it's a male mindset! Nice to know there's hope for Ben!!
I love to watch the kids cut out at school. Concentration...each is different...they're adorable :)
Yes, always blame the wierd habits on the dad. It's OK to do that (especially if they don't read your blog posts!).

Anonymous said...

GOM does the scissors thing- still! but we darent laugh about it.
The children didnt seem to get that particular habit.
But he made sure he 'tagged' them both, curiously- he has a birthmark on the back of his neck in the hair line- both our children have the same mark!

Anonymous said...

oh he could be complaining about worse.
Smile and say but that's what mommy's are 4.

Anonymous said...

I love the tongue thing sticking out when he is using the scissors. When we were little and doing things and they weren't working, my mum used to tell us we weren't holding our mouths properly - it was amazing how much easier things became when we pursed our lips.

Alice said...

They do grow up when you least expect it.

My husband used to chew his tongue when concentrating. Of course, the children used to mimic him too.

Enjoy this wonderful time with Ben.