Tuesday, January 16, 2007

news from the house of Jelly

I can't believe I haven't blogged for so long. Because there has been so much going on here. Groundbreaking stories every hour. Where shall I start?

Well, firstly -

1) the dog has been emitting such pungent aromas (all the while snoring innocently on her dog pillow) that I have been forced to issue denials to Fatty as we watch Seinfeld (e.g. "Just in case you were wondering ...that was NOT me!")

2) sweet Laura has lost a front tooth! Alert all media, release balloons, sound trumpets! She looks adorably gappy. The tooth fairy must have thought so, too, because she left behind five dollars. Kids today are so spoilt.

3) Benjamin the Invincible has picked up a new phrase (?from a movie) and has been trying it out-

"Get me some milk on the double!"

It's a damn fine try at parent-manipulation, but unfortunately instead of rushing to do Ben's bidding, I find myself laughing uncontrollably. I mean, as if!

(* skip this next section if squeamish*)

4) At work, I have been inundated with a plague of festy mucky ear canal infections, pus-filled sores, speckly heat rashes and scabbed-up eczema.

Didn't I just tell you my days were fascinating?

So, how fascinating has your day been so far?


Kerri said...

Jelly, have I ever been first before? I think not! Ta da! (trumpets sounding).
Life is exciting there I see. About like it is here.
Perhaps you could adapt Phoebe's "Smelly Cat" song (from Seinfeld) into one for the smelly dog .
Wonderful picture of the gappy girl :)
$5!!Talk about inflation!
I see Ben is learning some good 'life lessons' from movies :) Funny what they pick up on.
Being a Dr. sounds such fun!
My day was fully as fascinating as yours..except it was my hubby demanding the milk on the double! (not really..he knows I'd deck him)

jellyhead said...

Yay! you were first!

I think everyone else must be having much more fascinating days than we are, Kerri, because no-one is stopping by to comment here (sob!)

Oh, also, isn't Phoebe from Friends? (I LOVED that smelly cat song episode! So brilliantly dumb! So cleverly stoopid!) but really both Friends and Seinfeld are about a bunch of single, selfish people hanging about doing not much, so there's not a lot of difference. More eye candy in Friends, I suppose!

John Cowart said...

About this toothfairy thing:
When our kids were little and lost a tooth, I told them that if they place the tooth and a quarter under their pillow, the toothfairy would sneak in during the night and haul the old tooth away. The quarter was the service charge the fairy collected.

I was a smart father and I gleaned a handful of quarters.

Dads Rule!

Anonymous said...

Great gappy picture! You just have the most exciting life, we are all envious. And $5! I remember getting a quarter - but at least I got to keep it, John! I find it interesting that you watch Seinfeld and Friends there - just like us! Hope the rest of your week is just as exciting!

T. said...

Wow, the tooth fairy is sure a lot more generous to you Aussies. When she visits here, she only drops a twoonie!

And my kids looked damn adorable with all those spaces in their smile. But I admit, I prefer the bucky beaver look now! Big old teeth and such small childish faces.

Too cute.

Remiman said...

What a winsome smile Laura has. She's obviously happy about it too. ;-)

I don't think so. Been awhile. My tooth fairy gave out dimes and quarters.
Fascinating? That's one word for it. How about miasmatic.

jellyhead said...

Hey Rel,

I looked it up (ignoramus that I am) and yes, it certainly was a MIASMATIC day I had at work!

Hope your days have been much more sterile and odour-free..... or at least only scented with sevoflurane!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, Jelly. What is it about the dogs?? My little Honey has been almost unbearable must be the time of year- or something.
Love that gappy smile.
Small Grandson yesterday-"If you ever talk to me like that again, I will pack my things, & go home!"

This was in response to being told not to leave his crusts where the dog could get them!
Wonder where that came from!

The GP I go to, is half of a husband & wife team. They are both wonderful Dr's, but I notice she gets most of the 'old ducks'- I privately refer to them as her SOB's- sad old bats! (Me included!)

Anonymous said...

Ha Jelly, sounds so nice to be a Doc until you realize the nasty stuff that you must look at and touch! Yuck! Take lots of photos of those toothless babies; they will be teenagers before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, so many comments, so little time. Are you sure it is the dog and not Fatty?

That is such a cute gappy photo - lucky Laura with the $5 - inflation must really have kicked in - the best I ever got was 50 cents - and that was for my wisdom tooth (I think the tooth fairy got suckered there, seeing they had to pay to have it extracted and all.

Ben cracks me up - I must try the on the double thing - not sure how well it will work - but I'll try :)

At work - ewwww - but I've heard of a few people lately with weeping sores - must be something in the air - isn't that how we get everything ;)?

Still no computer :(

Heather said...

So far today, I have wrenched my back (again), eaten a horribly fattening breakfast, and read your blog!


manababies said...

Your days are far more exciting than mine, let me tell ya. :) Although I have found that kid 2 and kid 3 seem to like getting sick simultaneously, and in their carseats no less. So while you have to deal with oozing sores and what not, I just have the boring old vomit to contend with. Boring, I know. :P

Your kiddos are so cute!