Thursday, August 16, 2007

if the shoe fits

Seeing those abandoned brown shoes the other day got me pondering how shoes can reflect their owners. Not literally, of course, unless they're patent leather shoes (which my mother recalls being warned about, because devious boys were thought to peer at these dangerous shoes in order to catch reflections of unsuspecting girls' panties! Can you believe it?! I mean if they were ever that conniving, I almost feel the poor buggers deserved their glimpse of underwear. Of course, I say that as someone who's never worn patent leather). I mean that shoes can give important clues about the wearer.

When I was a struggling student, I owned a pair of cheap brown flats, a pair of black flats exactly the same, and some battered running shoes. It was better than being barefoot, that's for sure, but it's still nice to be able to afford some decent shoes these days. Because many times shoes simply tell us that the owner is on a tight budget. But once a person has enough money to even buy one pair of shoes they truly fancy, then I think this choice says a lot about the shoe-wearer's personality.

I dragged out my decent shoes, and examined them closely for 'evidence'. (And may I just add here that when my husband arrived home from playing squash, he looked at the array of shoes on the kitchen floor, looked expressionlessly back at me, and then went wordlessly off to shower. He's very accepting like that. Frustratingly un-curious perhaps, but also endearingly accepting!) I realised that many of my shoes don't quite embody the true me, but were chosen because I liked what they seemed to represent.

These red shoes I bought not so long ago because I've always loved other people's red shoes. They looked cute, they looked funky, and they were on sale! I do feel good in these shoes, like maybe I'm not so matronly and mumsy after all. But with my fair skin, the colour is not as good on me, and they're not true Jelly footwear.

These boots are undeniably sassy (shhh! nobody ruin my fun by denying it!), and I liked the idea of that. However, although I like to think I am at least occasionally flirty and appealing, mostly I am sensibly hanging washing and reading and cooking pizza. So these boots are not really me.

These dazzling gold wedges I found at an 'op-shop' (for non-Aussies, this is short for 'opportunity shop' - second hand stores which sell pre-loved clothing and other items at very low prices) to wear to a 'disco'-themed party. In my sequined purple dress, gold lame pants underneath and gold wedges, I tell you I was stunning. Stunning to the retina at least.

As much as I'd like to think I am stylish, or sexy, or cheeky, the truth is I am a straight-forward person with just a pinch of something interesting.... not fascinating, but (I like to think anyway!)not completely dull either. Rather like these shoes. I wear them all the time, I like them a lot, and they're so comfortable that I feel sure they like me too.

So now I'm issuing a challenge ....who dares post a picture of their favourite, most-like-their-owner shoes? I'd love to see yours if you care to share! Failing that, at least leave me a comment describing your most-loved pair!


Heather said...

I'll accept your challenge! Brace yourself for a shoe post from me in the near future!

freefalling said...

I don't buy it!
No sir, I just don't buy it!
I think you are trying to kid yourself if you think that last pair of shoes represents you!!
Where is their dry sense of humour?
Where is their feisty spark?
Where is their subversive quality?
I see all the good,kind parts of you in them but not all the wicked bits!
I think you need to go shoe shopping!!

shellyC said...

Oh yes I am up for the challenge too!! I love shoes!! However I will wait until hubby is out of the country before I bring them out for a photo session!! Like Fatty he is very accepting - but en masse he would be rather shocked!!

Val said...

What a fun fun post! I think those last shoes are perfect: nice color, interesting style and above all, they look comfortable and probably are. Does this lead to the dreaded "sensible" word? Too bad if it does. But I loved seeing your other shoes too.

I'm afraid that a similar post from me would be dead boring. First of all, do slippers count? Because when I'm at home, I love wearing my slippers. Not fluffy ones, but they're red velvet ones, so comfy. And at most other times I wear black lace ups, like waitresses and nurses wear. I insist on being comfortable. But I suppose I could do a retrospective - I'll give it some thought.

Thanks for your post, Jelly!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I learn far more from a woman's choice in undergarments.

meggie said...

I loved this post. Wish I could do a down-through-the-ages post! How revealing that would be. I had 40 pairs of shoes at one stage. As poverty overtook me, I wore most of them out!
My alltime favourite pair were black patent leather high heels, with a strap across the instep. I LOVED them, & they were so comfortable.
My second favs were a deep maroon pair of boots, so comfortable, in spite of being high heeled. Ah what memories they bring back.
Now flat is all I can wear. But o, I am glad I had the chance to wear pretty shoes once!

Val said...

Just made this post a "shared" post on my blog, so you're a star, Jelly!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Right! Now you've done it, Jelly. You'll have to see what a 60 plus blogger wears...that'll teach you to put out a challenge like!

John Cowart said...

And here all these months I've been reading your blog, I've pictured you as wearing six-inch spike heels.

My vision is shattered.

Alice said...

Blogland will look like Centipede Heaven for the next few weeks as bloggers post photos and stories about their favourite shoes and their adventures. What fun. I love shoes, too, although when I get a comfortable pair I usually just wear them to death. Now that I'm home all the time I live in sneakers (trainers in the UK, not sure what they are in USA) most of the time, and leather sandals if it's hot. I'm not a barefoot gal, ever! (oh, in bed, yes).

Suzanne said...

I'm over from Heather's where I read about her shoes and your shoe challenge. What a funny idea! I think I'll join in! ha ha

T. said...

How can you have never worn patent leather before????

Oh Jelly.

You need me.

We must rectify this. A girl only lives once.

John Cowart said...

OK, I'll play along.

I checked all my photo files and would you believe, I do not own a single photo of any shoe.

So, this morning I posted a shoe story just to try to keep up with you and Heather (she has shoe photos -- lots of them).

Heidi said...

Visiting from Heather's Blog, Blah, Blah... I like the shoe challenge and may have to give it a go, too.

Have a great day!

Kerri said...

Oh boy, you've started something now Jelly!
I think all those shoes pictured show little slices of your personality. Apart from being an extremely observant, and sensibly intelligent person, you have your very cheeky (and just a tiny bit a humorous way) side...which the first 3 pics denote.
The red ones I think are very "you", but Ross was rather surprised by the colour. I think he expected you to wear white, comfortable "nurses" shoes :)
I'm chuckling about your nonchalantly un-curious husband :) A man of few words indeed...who is obviously not in any way surprised by your idiosyncrasies.
Fun fun post Jelly :) xox

thisisme said...

You've done it now - I'm contemplating the shoe post too. Which shoes will I choose?

Mimi said...

Hi Jelly, I love your shoes and how true that you can tell something about someone by their shoes. The red ones are my favorite but close behind are the gold ones. I missed your pizza post until now( I seem to be busier in summer than during school) and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. If your family is anything like mine you will be eating this at least once a week. Congratulations.


Remiman said...

Shoes and women, sheeesh! I have far too many pairs of foot covers but only a tenth of what my wife posesses. In all seriousness, I could get by with a pair of running shoes and a pair of penny loafers.
I am however a conniseur of what women wear on there feet. ;-)
No...not in a fetish way.

Suzanne said...

alright. It's finished. I could have gone on and on about the shoes, but I didn't want anyone to think I was...uh, obsessive about shoes..or something. I'm just sayin'.

fifi said...

*Jumps up and down, waving hand* ooh, me , me,

I have the biggest feet in all the land, but i have posted the gigantic clogs for your viewing pleasure! :-D


made The Pizza. Finally.

Tanya said...

Challenge accepted. Let the fun begin :)

Sandy said...

Your post was so much fun to read, but I don't think you'd want to see my favorite shoes to wear because they are so raggedy & worn and Jimmy says I should buy new shoes...But I just love them because they are so comfy.

I wore patent leather and I can't believe that NO ONE ever told me that about the shoes. Where was my mom when I needed her? hehehe

Val said...

My footwear post is up!

mackeydoodle said...

The shoes in the last pic look sooo comfy!

Karen said...

So you're the one who started all of this! Love it! I did it. I scoot over here from time to time from Heather's blog.

Hi, Jellyhead!


CONNIE W said...

I've bared my sole...pun intended.

Anonymous said...