Wednesday, August 01, 2007

pizza parlour

One of my very favourite foods is PIZZA. So when my blogger friend Mimi wrote a post about making an easy pizza dough with her kids, my mouth began to water. I cheekily asked for the recipe, and Mimi kindly obliged.

With Fatty away over the weekend, I decided it would be fun for the kids and I to cook together. This recipe truly was easy, and the kids had lots of fun measuring and adding ingredients, and then kneading the dough. I encouraged them to punch, pinch and pummel the soft floury ball, to ensure they got rid of all their fidgets and flibbertyjibbets. Laura was very methodical, copying my pressing and scooping and re-pressing. Ben enthusiastically did a few 'karate chops' on the dough, just for good measure.

The smell of the warm dough rising filled the house and made me feel all capable. Accomplished. Chef-like. I mean, who would dare mess with a woman who makes her own pizza dough, right? I rang my mother to tell her proudly that finally I was making my own pizza dough, just like she used to do when I was a child. Mum sounded bemused, as she often does.

Of course, eating the pizza was the absolute highlight. The pizza base was not too flat, not too puffy - just perfect. I admit I may be biased. I was the head chef in this pizza parlour. But don't argue with me on this one, because I am now, after all, a woman who makes her own pizza dough.

Thank you Mimi - the pizza dough was just as delicious as you promised, and we had a ton of fun making it!


Heather said...

Mmmmmm. You can make that when I come to visit. Except no onions. Or mushrooms.

And add bell peppers which you call something different but I can't remember what it is that you call them.


I'm not picky or anything. Or bossy.

Val said...

Jelly, my mother used to make individual pizzas with English muffins which she toasted first. Then she'd put on the tomato sauce and other toppings. It was a quick to do treat for us. Your homemake crust is much nicer, of course, and you can't beat that aroma of the pizza cooking in the oven!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Congratulations, Jelly! You are now an accomplished "pizza-retter".

Sounds like you and the kids had fun and best of all, you got to eat it afterwards.

Remiman said...

I love the smell of fresh dough baking in the oven. It's that warm, fuzzy, cuddly...everything is right with the world feeling.

susan said...

WOW, a woman who makes her own pizza dough! I don't think I have ever met one of those! I thought you just called the number and the pizza magically arrived at the door...

just kidding, of course, we live too far out in the country for anything like that to happen.

The recipe sounds great! Hey - pizza is my very favorite food also! Do you like cold pizza for breakfast?

Wow, I just can't get over it - a woman who makes her own pizza dough... imagine that!

Have a great day!

Sharon said...

Hey, you can pass that recipe on to me, if you want to. :)

fifi said...

oh, I had best try that one out, it would certainly earn me many Good Mother Points. And I am in the red at present so I need them.

thisisme said...

Yummmmmm, home made pizza. Always the best. And even better cold for breakfast the next day. I loved cooking with my mum when I was a kid - it was always so much fun. Lucky Ben and Laura. Btw, why is it always the boys that give the dough karate chops? My brothers used to do that too...

mackeydoodle said...

Save a piece for me!

John Cowart said...

The aroma and taste of a good pizza makes all seem right with the world. Great comfort food.

jellyhead said...

Heather, you *are* picky and you know it! ;-)
I think what you call bell peppers, we call capsicum. Bell pepper sounds better.

Val, the shortcut pizzas are a good idea - will try that sometime when I'm in a hurry!

puss-in-boots, I don't don't what a pizza-retter is, but I'm proud to be one anyway :)

Rel, you are SO right about the aroma of dough being comforting...that's exactly why it smells so great.

Susan you terrible tease! Of course *you* would know how to make pizza dough (you of the many talents!) but SOME of us have been using supermarket-bought pizza bases for years!

Sharon, just click on the link (the word 'obliged') to get the scrumptious recipe from Mimi!

fifi - yes, that's just what I was thinking when making the pizza - I *so* must get some sort of brownie points for THIS endeavour... he he

thisisme, I am a self-confessed cold pizza eater, too - breakfast, lunch, whatever.

Mackey, great to hear from you, and OF COURSE you can have a piece of pizza. Come over and we'll have some red wine with it!

jellyhead said...

Whoops John, you just sneaked in there while I was tapping away! Thanks for coming by :)

meggie said...

O this sounds so yummy, I will have to make it. I love Pizza, it is the only 'fast food' I really like.

shellyC said...

That looks fabulous!!! especially with a glass of red!

Actually tonight I am getting together with a group of girls for a "Wine and Whine" night and we are making pizzas too!!!

Val said...

Jelly, re your comment on my blog about getting things into your sidebar. You don't need to do html. In new blogger you can go to the dashboard, then layout and there are things you can add there by just selecting, clicking and dragging it to reposition (anything new automatically goes to the top of the sidebar). I am an inveterate "clicker-oner of new things" and have just taught myself things through trial and error. I'm sure you use your time much more productively!

Anonymous said...

I think that is wonderful.... have a slice for me would yah?

Kerri said...

Pat pat....on the back that is. What a clever girl you are! I know Jellyma is proud of you :)
And the kids had a wonderful time, I'm sure.
And the result...mmmmm, pizza warm from the oven...the smell, the taste...pure delight.
Jelly, you've excelled yourself!!
Good on ya mate!

Sandy said...

Yummy, fresh pizza cooking is one of my favorite smells. I used to love making it at home because you can put whatever toppings you like best, and in the right quantities to please the kids.

I bet Ben & Laura loved helping to make the pizza, and I know you guys had fun together. Could this be a new family tradition in the making?