Sunday, August 05, 2007

stepping out

As I walked back to my car, I saw them sitting on the curb - a pair of brown leather men's shoes. The leather was still glossy and intact; the shoes were a stylish cut. They sat neatly, side by side, as if waiting for their owner to return. No-one else was around. I couldn't stop staring. Even once in my car, I eyed the shoes curiously in my rear vision mirror. The whole situation puzzled me greatly.

The house which the curb fronted was small and unlovely, with peeling white paint. It sat amidst the car fumes from the main road. I found it hard to imagine these expensive-looking shoes belonging to anyone in this house. And if the shoes had been a special purchase, a saved-for splurge, then why had they been abandoned so callously?

I wondered if perhaps the shoes were pinching the Italian-shoes-man, as he walked home from the bus stop after Friday night drinks. Did he swear softly, as he stopped and gently eased the shoes from blistered or aching feet? Did he sway as he placed his footwear with drunken precision by the curb? And did he then smile with relief as he lurched away in his brown socks, feeling the grass soft and springy underfoot?

If only the tongues of those shoes could talk.


freefalling said...

Hey - what's going on here? Things are looking different! Although, I must say, I prefer it!
Great story - especially the "if those tongues could talk" bit.
Those shoes would have fascinated me too!
Just those single discarded ones on and by the road drive me crazy - why are they there? who put them there? why on the road? etc, etc.
My head would explode if I saw a pair!

Val said...

Head still reeling from the new blog look, Jelly.

It would be fun if some inventive readers contributed their interpretations of the stories behind those shoes.

Something related: do you ever wonder why you see so many single shoes on the roads? At least I see them.I'd love a dollar for every shoe I've seen on the roads. Do people put shoes on top of their cars for some reason, and then drive off, forgetting about them?

Heather said...

I absolutely love this post. I love little mysteries like this one.

I always think I'd rather not know for sure because the scenarios I think up in my head are so much more interesting than what really happened.

thisisme said...

Love the new look Jelly. Loved the "íf tongues could talk" bit too!

I wonder about things like that too. Why are they there? Why were they abandoned? The theories can be endless.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I reckon the owner of those shoes had Harry Potter's Invisible Cloak on, but it didn't come down as far as his shoes....or maybe he knew that and it was a mischievous plot to see who would stop and pick them up. What a surprise when they would be too heavy to

I've only had one glass of wine, too!

Nice fresh blog, Jelly. Where did you get the time??

Kerri said...

Wow...not only are you a woman who makes her own pizza crust, you are also a woman who redecorates! Your new "look" is very fresh and clean Jelly.
Fascinating that those shoes would be left on the curb like that. A strange mystery indeed.
I hope they were claimed by someone in need.
Nice little play on words there Jelly dear :)

Alice said...

Love your new, clear blog look. I should pluck up courage and try something new only I'm afraid of losing everything.

Your shoe story reminded me of a book I read some years ago. It was the true story of a lady who many years ago lived in a village in the southeast of England. She called in to a shop one day to collect some shoes that were being repaired. As she waited to be served, she looked at all the worn boots and shoes on the shelves and began to wonder what sort of stories they could tell, ie. what travels they had been on? This gave her the idea to walk across England, which is what she did. The story told of the places she went and the people she met along the way. Often after chatting to someone working in their garden she would be invited inside for a cup of tea or a meal, and often she was invited to stay the night. This took place in the 1930s and I suspect that her reception then was a little different to what it would be today.

Redneck Mommy said...

LOVE the look!!!

You rockstar you.

Can't comment on the post cuz I'm too dazzled by the digs.

LURVE it darlin!

shellyC said...

Oh my favourite blue too!!! Lovely!!

Interesting about the shoes....mmm

susan said...

It is obvious - he was beamed up to the mothership sans shoes...

Love it that you are so observant of all the details of your world!

Have a great week!

John Cowart said...

Soooo, that's where I left them!
I was wondering.

meggie said...

I love this post! I love the idea of the man walking away in his brown socks, enjoying the grass. And the idea of the talking toungues. Brilliant. I cant stop smiling.

Sandy said...

Your last line was a kicker...I loved it!