Friday, October 06, 2006

365 days of blogging ...give or take

It's hard to believe it's been an entire year (plus 2 days) since I tentatively entered the blog world.

It all began with an article I read in a medical magazine. The author mentioned how he enjoyed reading The Underwear Drawer, a blog written by a young New York doctor called Michelle. I started reading her blog, and was fascinated. I blogsurfed a bit. After awhile, my Google page began to display an ad line- 'get your own blog for free'. I found this a little spooky. I was also tempted. I began to write lame posts, and absolutely no-one knew me or commented for awhile.

One of my first ever comments was from Mackeydoodle. I was writing about the stress of trying to run to time at work, and she wrote a supportive and kind comment. I was astonished that a complete stranger would be so friendly. And then and there I was hooked on blogging.

Since I began blogging, I have come to 'know' so many fascinating people. I have opened my mind to many differing points of view. I have realised the untold power of compassion and humility. I have laughed out loud as I sit reading the words of my fellow bloggers. I have shed tears over poignant posts. I have made friends I hope to keep for life.

I also have rediscovered my love of writing. As a child and adolescent, it was a habit of mine to express my thoughts on paper, but somewhere in the pursuit of my very science-based career, I had stopped writing. Medicine seemed to have wrung all the creativity out of me. I sporadically tried to put pen to paper, but the sheer awfulness (don't tell me that's not a word) of what I wrote stopped me continuing.

So now, I may not be a brilliant writer, and I may use dubious words and awkward phrases, but damn I'm having fun! Words flow more readily, and I am able to convey all those thoughts that used to clog up my head. I'm happier, my mind is clearer. And best of all, I have all you lovely blog readers to 'talk' to!

It's been a year already. How about that.


Heather said...

We're so happy to have you too! If you'd never started blogging, I would never have met you. That's a scary thought!

Lee-ann said...

Jellyhead hello! goodmorning to you!

I have come across from Remiman and am so pleased I did your blog page is filled with all those things that fill my heart, family and life.

enjoy this day knowing that many I am sure have enjoyed your sharing over the past year and 2 days! :o)

I will be back to read further posts you have done.


Motherkitty said...
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Motherkitty said...

Dear Jelly, did you know that you were the first "outsider" to comment on my blog? From there my world opened up to include so many wonderful people. As I look at your commenters, I can say I also "know" them, either because I read their blogs or I see their comments on others' blogs. It's a wondrous round-robin where we dance a merry dance, visiting each other, commenting on our posts, sharing our lives, and most importantly, meeting new friends. I, too, would be saddened and lost if it ever went away.

I have been blogging since 9/11/05 and my life has altered in a way I never would have guessed prior to that date.

Thanks to you, I like and know so many more interesting people and enjoy their company, especially yours, dear Jelly.

susan said...

Welcome to the 1-year club! I keep asking this question, and you keep avoiding it...

Did you enter the writing contest?

jellyhead said...

Heather, I also thank my lucky stars to have met you!

lee-ann, hello! Thanks for such a lovely comment, and I hope to hear from you again :)

Motherkitty, I didn't know that I was your first 'outside commenter'! I'm pleased as punch to have that special role! I'm so glad I 'met' you and that we have become friends.

Susan, I am revising my post about Mama, but am not sure if it will end up worth sending in (due date is Oct 27th). I'll keep you informed!

mackeydoodle said...

Happy 1st Blogiversary Jelly!!!!
I can't believe it has been a year.
It is amazing the amount of support one gets from this blogging community.
I am happy to be part of yours.
Happy Hugs to you!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jelly, I love your blog, don't ever stop! I have read your blog since before it was pink! We must have starting blogging about the same time and I came across your blog just by accident. Just goes to show how lucky I am. I am glad that I met you!

John Cowart said...

OK. I took the bait. I went back in your archives to read all your October 2005 posts... Keeps getting better and better.

Remiman said...

You are a pleasure to read, and as I get to know more of you I thank whatever forces came to bear to put us in touch.
Congrats on 1 year+ and to many more!

shellyC said...

Happy Blog Birthday!!! I am so glad you have rediscovered your true talent for writing - I love your blog and your words are precious!!


thisisme said...

Happy blog birthday Jelly. I've been thoroughly enjoying your blog since you commented on mine. It is definitely one of the highlights of my day when you post. I'm gradually getting through your archive, and I'm enjoying it all.

PS Of course awfulness is a word - one of my favourites :)

Kerri said...

There's nothing awkward about your phrases Jelly, and you most certainly are a brilliant writer, in my humble opinion.
To echo Shelly's comment..your words are precious.
You bring a spark of joy into my day every time I read a new post by you.
Thank you dear Jelly for being such a lovely blog friend (and for introducing me to Jellyma) :)

Kerri said...

Oh, and I forgot to say.....Happy Blog Birthday!!! :)

cmhl said...

happy blogaversary!!! you are an outstanding writer..

Mimi said...

You have an awesome blog and I know just how you feel. Your sentiments echo mine only you've been blogging just a bit longer than me.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Happy Blog Birthday and I always enjoy coming over to see what you have written. You always have such interesting posts and write them so well. You have the gift of writing, so never think that you don't.
It's always a treat to see a comment from you on my post.

meggie said...

I too would like to Congratulate you.
I am so glad I have discovered the world of blogging & your thoughts expressed mine, so well.

Love to read your posts.

HORIZON said...

Jelly, wonderful to have you in our blogworld- l enjoy the way you write and how natural and easy it sounds. Congrats on the a year well done and l agree with you on how it helps keep a clear head/focus.
The very best,

Alice said...

Is it really ONLY a year? I feel like I've known you and loved your blog forever.

You have provided us with far more than a year's worth of laughs and tears, wisdom and nonsense, and a very precious friendship.

Happy 1st Birthday, and may you celebrate many more in Blogland.

jellyhead said...

Thanks so much everybody for all your sweet comments!

Anonymous said...

congratulations and here's to many more.