Wednesday, October 18, 2006

what happened next

Was it the post I wrote? He doesn't usually read my blog (see previous post regarding Fatty's general lack of interest in my fascinating thoughts). Yet it seems too coincidental to be simply luck.

Whatever may have prompted Fatty (he said, "I saw them and they looked pretty"), I am adoring these blooms and feeling guilty for implying that my husband is not romantic. I take it back. I eat my words. He is simply a romantic with erratic timing.

And he can still surprise me.


mackeydoodle said...

Awwww.....way to go Fatty!!!!
Beautiful flowers!

shellyC said...

Eratic and Surprising - far better than predictablly romantic!!!

Can't go wrong with gorgeous yellow roses!!!

John Cowart said...

You are married to a treasure.

thisisme said...

Talk about timing! They are just gorgeous. Lucky you. Enjoy them.

Remiman said...



Motherkitty said...

He must have found these while looking for his Braillon's Crake!

Lovely gesture and lovely flowers. He's a keeper.

T. said...

Go Fatty Go!

It's always nice when the romance rears it's pretty head.

May your romance bloom always.

Alice said...

WOW!!! Baillon's Crake will always be synonymous with beautiful yellow roses.

No doubt - Fatty's a treasure.

Anonymous said...

Good job Fatty! Perfect timing. Hang on to that wonderful guy, Jelly! Maybe he does read the blog, maybe not - you may not ever know!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Awe Fatty....he's so sweet!!!

I think he was just thinking of you and didn't read your blog.

Aren't surprises grand!

Kerri said...

Oh what a lovely guy! Those are so beautiful. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it? :)
Good on ya, Fatty!!!!

Franny said...

Surprise is 90% of romance! I am so glad the roses aren't your typical red ones...yellow ones show creativity, softness and friendship.
And love is less about stunning gestures and more about small wonderous gestures (like playing with the kids) In the end, it's all about trust. Hugs to you guys.

meggie said...

How beautiful!

Even after 40 years of marriage, we still surprise each other too!
Perhaps that is the secret to it lasting.

Melonie said...

Beautiful flowers, what a great guy!