Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My friend, my friend

Well hello.

It's not Jellyhead. She's still enjoying fun, family and friends at the beach, the lucky . . . *ahem*

Jellyhead is a very good friend of mine and I am here to tell you about her.

First, Jellyhead is a very pretty woman who exudes health and happiness. She wears her hair up almost all the time. When she wears it down, I always tell her how pretty she looks and she always protests and says things like, "No, no. I am messy and unkempt." I beg her to wear her hair down and she refuses, saying it gets in the way. I've seen her dressed in her work clothes and I've seen her in her pajamas just after waking and she is pretty, either way.

Jellyhead is almost always smiling and even her frowns somehow seem good-natured, like her mouth is just waiting for the next opportunity to smile. When she is worried she furrows her brow and leans forward on her elbow. When she is really troubled, she rakes her fingers through her hair and sighs heavily. When she laughs, she leans back in her chair and sometimes shakes her head at me as if to say, "I don't know what I am going to do with you." When she is embarrassed and amused at the same time, she giggles so hard that she shakes and covers her face with her hands.

Jellyhead is freakishly perceptive. I've yet to successfully hide my feelings from her. She always guesses what is on my mind even when I could swear I have done nothing to give it away. I always tell her I am going to have to work harder on my poker face because, at least to her, I am completely transparent --an open book.

I'd be hard pressed to find anyone that I'd rather share my thoughts with, though. Jellyhead is open-minded and kind. She is rational and tolerant. She takes things in stride in a way that I only wish I could.

I often stand in awe of Jellyhead, to tell you the truth. She is adored by her children and is such a loving and careful mother. She goes to work and takes care of patients and then calls to check on them on her days off. She and Fatty enjoy romance and friendship in a seemingly perfect balance. She is a black belt in karate and just laughs at the suggestion that she is capable of kicking some serious butt! Not long ago, her finger was broken during sparring and she just laughed it off. (It was broken when she kept beating a young girl in the sparring matches. After losing a few times, the girl jokingly declared, "Oh, you are going DOWN!" and, the next thing she knew, Jelly's finger was broken)

I could go on telling you how wonderful Jelly is for hours. (But I won't. I heard that collective sigh of relief!)

But really and truly, what I want you to know after reading this post is that Jellyhead is my friend and I just feel so lucky to know her!

Here's hoping that Jelly is having a fantastic holiday at the beach.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting about our friend Jelly. We (her blog friends) know that she is a wonderful, caring woman. We have felt it from her posts as she has opened up her feelings to us. We also know it by the concern she has for us (perfect strangers) in her comments on our blogs. Jellyhead was one of the first blogs that I ever read, because of her - now I am hooked on blogging!

Motherkitty said...

How lucky is she to have such a good friend as you! Thanks for sharing some of the more "personal" insights into our dear friend Jellyhead. She was my first "outside" blogger friends and commenters and I have loved visiting her blog for the past year+ and for her treasured friendship.

John Cowart said...

I've never seen Jelly or Fatty but you describe them just as I envision them.

Sharon said...

Wow! What a beautifully descriptive piece of writing! I want to know Jellyhead too :) She sounds every bit as wonderful as a friend and in person, as she is on the blog!

Hey, Jellyhead! Take some pictures at the beach while you're there! (I love your photographs!)

T. said...

What a lovely piece on Jelly.

You are both very blessed to have one another!

Remiman said...

A birds Eye view of Jelly.Nicely said, I'm sure she will reprimand you kindly when she;-)

Thank you for sharing.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Thank your for sharing some of the little things that we cannot see for ourselves through blogging. We can only imagine her smile and laughter, but you have given us a very good detailed description. As far as Jellyhead's mothering skills we know through her blogging that she is a very carrying mother and would do anything to keep her children safe from harm.

You are indeed a very good friend and have painted a picture of the person we know and imagine Jelly to be. She has always been a beautiful and loving person to us.

Kerri said...

Somehow I just knew all that about Jelly....that's just the way I pictured her, so it's really nice to have you confirm the impressions in my mind. You've written your thoughts so well, and painted us a lovely picture of our beloved Jelly. Thank you for that!
You are blessed to call each other friend :)
I hope Jelly is having a wonderful time with her family. Lucky duck! What I wouldn't give to be at an Aussie Beach right now!