Saturday, October 28, 2006

sunny funny holiday

If you measure a successful holiday by seeing jellyfish bobbing, a snake dozing, a sea anemone wafting, sea turtles drifting, dolphins surfing, and a whale spouting.... then this holiday was a cracker.

If you measure a happy holiday by the running on the beach, the leaping over waves, the poking in rock pools, the swinging on the playground monkey bars, the camerastalking of water birds, the leaning together watching wet sandy children and the strolling aimlessly, just thinking.... then we are all happy as clams.

If you measure a satisfying vacation by the number of gelato ice-creams eaten, the glasses of cold white wine sipped on the balcony, the cheese and crackers nibbled upon whilst chatting lazily, and the barbecued prawns and fresh salads devoured......we've definitely had our fill.

I don't think I've ever had such a relaxing holiday. My kids had so much fun that they fell into slumber within minutes each night, and didn't wake until morning. Fatty laughed more than he normally would in a month. I sat on the balcony mesmerised by the the endless procession of white-crested waves. At night I lay listening to the surf.

The second-last morning, I jogged alone along an empty stretch of beach, before turning to walk back home. The clouds were studded in a threadbare blanket across the sky - except for one round window of cobalt blue. As I strode along the tide line, my eyes were drawn to that portal in the sky; I felt so buoyant that I imagined myself simply stepping into the air and rising up through that space. I felt all things were possible.

It was a good holiday.


I want to add a special thank-you to my secret post-writing friend, who wrote a pack of sweet lies about me and made me sound much nicer than I really am.

Friend, you are irreplaceable. Thank you!


Sharon said...

Your vacation sounds heavenly ....*sigh* I want a vacation like that!

Jeanette said...

You sound like your all having a very relaxing holiday.The beach looks so clean I gather your up North? with the jelly fish bobbing in the water. Have fun

susan said...

Welcome back Jelly! We have missed you. It does sound like the perfect vacation (except maybe for the snake!). So glad you are all rested and ready to entertain us once again with your stories.

Which reminds me, did you get your writing contest entry in on time?

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Jelly...Your vacation sounded PERFECT...and restful to your soul as well.
The beach looked like it was booming with wildlife also and so interesting & fascinating to see...(even the snake).

I'm glad that your vacation was so restful and enjoyable and I bet that you have more pictures to show us later on. Those pictures that you have posted are pretty amazing.

T. said...

Such beautiful pictures, Jelly.

Your vacation sounds lovely. I hope to oneday have a vacation like that with my children.

Welcome back to the regular grind of daily life!

Heather said...

You did NOT post a picture of a snake! I thought you loved me! ;-) I hates snakes.

I am glad you had a wonderful vacation, Jelly!

Motherkitty said...

We missed you terribly! But, here you are again, back amongst us, and we are waiting for you to tell us all about your gorgeous holiday at the beach.

The pictures of the wildlife were wonderful, even the snake. I wonder if it is venomous? Your kiddies must have enjoyed seeing all these sights and playing in the sand. What memories they will have of these vacations. Fatty must have been in seventh heaven being able to take pictures of all the birds he saw.

Glad you have returned, refreshed and full of wit again.

meggie said...

What a perfect Holiday!

Tanya said...

Sounds just perfect. I've just been on holiday and, though it was fantastic, it wasn't nearly so relaxing. I think I need another break - and this time I should go where you went.

Kerri said...

There you go teasing me with pictures of a beautiful Aussie of my absolute favourite things in this world! Oh, oh, oh....I wish I could go there! Today! We're having another blustery, cold day and I'm sure it'll rain before the day's over.
I love your descriptions and gorgeous pictures. Your holiday sounds just perfect. I'm so glad you had a great time Jelly.
You have a lovely friend there. I don't believe she told any fibs :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely post, I felt like I was there with you. Have I told you lately that I think you are a great writer? Well, you are! Thanks also for the great photos!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I would love to have a holiday a great as that... or even a holiday that is.

John Cowart said...

By any measure, this sounds wonderful!

Franny said...

Oooh that soothes the soul.

Andrew said...

I'm glad you had a great time. It sounds wonderful ... though my better half would have totally freaked about the snake :o)

Thanks so much for your over-the-top supportive comment on my site today. You made my day, truly. Thank you.


Motherkitty said...

Happy Halloween to one of my favorite ghoul friends.

Wendy A said...

Wow. What a incredible place. I would love to see turtles. Those beaches are calling me. Looks like a great vacation.

thisisme said...

aaah, yours sounds good! I'd be jealous, but that would negate mine :)

is it bad that I haven't even unpacked yet and I just had to check some of my favourite blogs?

tragic but true story, the other day we were at a rest stop having a cold drink and stretching our legs, and I saw a bird I couldn't identify and I actually said "if I take a photo of that and post it on my blog, maybe jelly could get fatty to identify it" I told you it was tragic :)