Sunday, December 11, 2005

All I Want For Christmas

I've been seeing a few Christmas/New Year wish lists on other blogs, so thought I'd attempt one.

My wish list for 2006 (and we all know I am the anti-Santa-woman who makes small children lose all the joy of Christmas by telling them SANTA IS A LIE, so this is not addressed to Santa) :

- for my family and friends to have good health and happiness ( I feel obliged to put this one in first, so as to seem like a Good Person)

- for Fatty to photograph a rare bird, not seen in the wild for years, until spotted by him. Perhaps he could be recognised for this find in a highly esteemed bird reference book.

- for my dear son to sleep past sun-up; for him to have bucketloads of fun AFTER 6 am and BEFORE 7:30 pm. There is to be no having fun any time outside the specified hours.

- for my sweet daughter to have plenty of friends next year when she goes to school; for her to work out a way of coping when she gets told by one of them, "I'm not your friend anymore". I've been thinking maybe I could wrap Laura up in bubblewrap and send her to school sort of mummified like that so no-one can hurt her. Physically, the bubblewrap would protect her, and if anyone said anything upsetting, she wouldn't HEAR it because of the bubblewrap. (Am I full of great ideas or what?)

- for my dog to stop climbing up on the kitchen table to eat leftovers whenever we leave the room. HA! Fat chance. Fat beagle actually.

- for my friends to know how much I cherish them, and for my family to feel adored by me.

- for all you lovely blog-friends to keep writing, and to keep letting me write to you. It's an unusual way to get to know other people, but I am finding it SO much fun!

I am very thankful that there is really nothing I need for Christmas. And despite this list, the main thing I'm wishing for this Christmas is just to spend it with those I love. May all who are reading this be blessed with a Christmas with loved ones, too.


Sharon said...

That is a beautiful list, and inspires me to think about the things I'd like to wish for. Thank you for writing this.

PHOTO said...

May your Christmas be happy

Motherkitty said...

Thanks, Jellyhead, for a beautiful wish list. I was particularly inspired by the beagle/food antics (makes me want to clean all the dishes immediately after eating no matter what) and the bubblewrap. Don't we all wish we could protect our children until they are at least 40 years old so they won't suffer the hurt and anguish we did as children?

After reading Sharon's comment, I traveled over to her site and was amazed at her talent and writing ability. I'm envious beyond words. She's too cool.

Doncha just love blogging?

jellyhead said...

I'm glad you guys liked my odd little list.

Yes, Motherkitty, Sharon is a brilliant writer (if you're reading this, Sharon, try not to blush here). She can make the most mundane daily event absolutely riveting. I love her blog.

Heather said...

Crash's best friend at preschool recently told him "I'm not your friend anymore" and my heart is breaking for him.

You have a great list!