Monday, December 26, 2005

post-Christmas post-mortem

It's Boxing Day, and we've spent the day at my mother's farm. Down at the creek that borders the property, we lolled about in the water and later came out dripping to eat ham sandwiches. After a post-lunch nap back at the house, we all wandered down to orchard, where there are fruit trees and chooks. We collected eggs, then ate purple grapes warm off the vine. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing living in the city, when those acres of Mum's are just such a balm to my soul.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas Day. Ours was very simple (salads and cold meat and fruit and plum pudding), and everyone brought food, so it was pretty stress-free. There were no arguments although my Mum did annoy my sister by giving her dog-parenting advice regarding my sister's new puppy! I've come to believe the puppy is going to be very good preparation for Sis, to ensure she can handle having children without having a meltdown (as it is, she wailed that the puppy had woken them at 6 am yesterday. Oh, the horror!). But truthfully, that's how I eased myself into the idea of becoming a mothering a beagle first. And it truly did pave the way. Because for all the night feeds and tantrums my children have thrown my way, they've never derailed me as much as that dog has. In comparison, the kids have been a piece of cake.

The gifts I gave my nearest and dearest were all big hits. Even Fatty, who typically has all the enthusiasm of a sloth on valium, opened his gift and remarked, " Ah... a book on bird photography! Very good. I like it, Jelly!". The scary thing is, I could tell he really loved this book. (Did I mention I have taken to calling him 'BIRDMAN'? He doesn't like it. This only encourages me.)

I was secretly horrifed, yet also strangely pleased with a gift from Fatty. He bought me a tight, fitted athletic singlet top, with some SHORT shorts that match. When I say short shorts, they are not barely skimming below buttocks or anything, I just mean they do not remotely approach knee length. And I'm afraid knee length is the ONLY way I do shorts these days. Even the tight top has a low, scooped neck. And low scooped necks are great if you have something to show off below your neck. Let me just summarise and say I don't do low scooped necks either. Yet my funny, lovely hubby has obviously completely failed to notice that if I wore the short shorts and tight top I would look not just silly but possibly quite awful. He hasn't noticed! I adore this man!

On that note of love, I'll close. Hope you've all had lots of love in your lives over Christmas - from whoever and wherever, as long as it's been love. :)


Alice said...

Glad you had such a relaxing day, Jelly. Your visit to the farm sounded perfect. Whilst you wonder why you live in the city, at least you still have the farm to renew and refresh you.

Isn't it lucky our husbands don't see us with the same eyes that we do? I once succumbed to pressure and bought two-piece bathers (only two piece, mind you - not bikinis!) and even they looked just as revolting as I knew they would (actually, the bathers were quite lovely, but ....)

Heather said...

Glad you had a nice Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Short shorts... I hear yeah.
Funny thing my husband said to everyone that when the kids moved out we could run around naked.

my comment... I dont even do that in my own bedroom!

shellyC said...

Glad you had a lovely day!! I just love your husband!!! And I bet you look great in your new outfit!!

John Cowart said...

I think I understand a little of how your husband about those shorts and top. We guy have a cumulative memory, we combine times we have seen our wives in beautiful situations or poses over the years into a composite picture.

Even though Ginny and I have been married for 38 years, if I had to describe her, I'd describe the 22-year-old girl who first attracted me. I still mentally see her as I did then.

Your husband's gift could be a hint that he loves you... then again, thy may have been on sale... Once I gave Ginny a paper shredder for an anniversary just because I'd heard her mention wanting one.

Motherkitty said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Swimming in the creek must have been refreshing and a lot of fun, followed by a picnic with your mother and family. Country living, that's the life for sure.

I have been silent these past four days, but have been reading blogs all the while. Must be post-Christmas blues. Just wanted to let you know that I'm still here.

mackeydoodle said...

Glad to hear you gad a great Christmas. Make sure you wear that outfit even if just for your hubby;)

susan said...

"all the enthusiasm of a sloth on valium"
I love your humor! Thanks for making me laugh!