Thursday, October 06, 2005 working week over

As I don't work Fridays, Thursday nights are when I start to wind down... so here I am winding, winding (not to be confused with whining, whining). It was a pretty good week - no patients dead as a result of my advice or lack thereof (not that I know of anyway and ignorance is bliss, right?). It was actually one of those weeks which reaffirm for me why I am lucky to do the job I do. I get to meet many different people, who share various intimate details about themselves, and their lives, with me. I get to feel that I am helping treat or prevent illness in these people (and surely at least some of the time I actually am?!) and over time these people often become quite dear to me. That may be quite unprofessional of me, but I'm not an automaton, and I can't help but become close to patients that I see regularly. Some of my patients have been patients of mine for 8 years (which I know is not a LONG LONG time, but long enough)- ever since I started in general practice - having 'followed' me from my previous practice to my current surgery. These long-term patients become a little like friends, but then it's weird friendship where you only ever listen to their problems, and they have to pay money for the privilege! So true friendship it is not, but there's definitely a connection. As I say, this has been a good week, so these are my warm and fuzzy thoughts about being a GP. There will be complaining in further posts.

My fat beagle is snoring softly near my feet as I write. Sometimes she snores more loudly, and it becomes difficult to hear the TV. I'm not exaggerating.
My kids are both asleep. My husband (known affectionately as 'Fatty' despite the fact he is lean) is still at work. When he gets home he will be delighted to see I have saved him some congealed pasta bake that I 'made up' i.e .did not use a recipe for i.e. fairly average in both taste and consistency. Mmmm-mmmmm.

Time to go put on a mini-skirt, slick on some body sparkle and hit the nightclubs. Whoops, forgot I have too much cellulite now and kids to look after. Time to read a book then.

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