Friday, October 14, 2005

post-funeral thoughts

I went to a funeral this afternoon (no one close to me, for anyone out there who was mustering up some sympathy). I decided that people cry at funerals for many reasons other than the fact they are sad at the loss of the person who died.
People cry because they feel awful for the family left behind
People cry because they have lost someone on another occasion, or are fearful of losing someone soon
People cry because they are depressed, and trying to cope bravely (but 'lose it' at funerals)
People cry because death, especially sudden or unexpected death, is scary. We try to protect ourselves with cholesterol checks, safe houses, traffic calming, security systems, immunisations, trust funds and insurance... yet we will all die - some young, some middle-aged, some elderly, but it's where we're all heading. I guess the death of someone we know is a very big reminder of our own mortality, and that of our nearest and dearest.
Yet what a blast life is! Every pat of a soft dog's ear, every mouthful of fine cheesecake, every glimpse of a pink-and-orange sunset, every buzz from an post-exercise endorphin high.... every word of love from a child or friend or partner... it makes all the tough stuff worthwhile. To me it does, anyway.


hiro said...

Hi jellyhead! from Japan.
When I was high school student I had a penpal in Australia. I remember that she lived in Brisbane.
I'm going to study English harder and visit you again.

mackeydoodle said...

Oh man Jellyhead, you sure have me thinking today. So true what you say,we definitely all will die. On that note, I think I shall go & have a piece of that cheesecake!

Kerri said...

Jelly, I'm enjoying reading your early ramblings this sunny morning.
I agree, life is a blast! For every bad thing there's a myriad good things....many blessings to count!

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