Sunday, October 16, 2005

boring blogs and birthdays

Since starting my own blog, I've been doing a bit of 'blog-surfing' (as everyone does, I suspect) and found it interesting to read what other people were doing in their lives. It's sort of like eavesdropping except you're not breaking any moral codes of behaviour, so it's guilt-free! But lately most of the sites seem to be business sites with boring blurb about insurance and the like (plus most of the comments posted on real people's blogs are from salespersons of one type or another). It's annoying and dull. I guess at least this ensures that my blog will always be comparatively more readable. I am real. I am not selling anything! I am telling the truth! - at least my version of it.

Today is Fatty's birthday. He is very old. Fatty plays an important role in my life, and that role is...always being older than me. Via him, I am forever young(er). We spent most of the day with friends, at their home. We ate steak, baked potatoes and coleslaw, and drank a bit of red wine, while our kids played. It was very laid-back. The ratbags (children) were all surpisingly well-behaved and it was almost like our carefree pre-children days as we lolled around on couches. Ahhhh..... lovely! We are now home, though, and real life has intervened - time to feed, bathe, story-read, song-sing, bed-dump our offspring. Most importantly, somewhere in there (preferably BEFORE the bed-dump) we must light birthday candles, sing to gorgeous Fatty, and eat banana cake.

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susan said...

Am enjoying reading your blog, especially the 'pre-children' days. We have a saying PK (pre-kids), like remember how it was back in the PK days? Well, now our kids are grown and we have PK again (post-kids)! It is great! So hang in there, it gets better!