Friday, October 28, 2005

a twitchy husband

Some of you may have already heard about Fatty's new-ish pastime - birdwatching (or 'twitching', as it is apparently known to serious birdwatchers). I thought it may have been a passing phase, but no. He's been at it again. Yesterday he bought some new, improved binoculars (our current, perfectly fine-looking ones seemingly not up to the mark) and headed off into bushland. He has returned with photos of various birds, which I was required to duly admire. Fatty now has photos of 67 different Australian bird species. That's only about 633 more to go.

For your edification, I present the purple swamp hen. I know you will love it almost as much as Fatty does.


Motherkitty said...

It's an absolutely gorgeous bird!!! I've never seen anything like it here in Kentucky, USA. I love bird watching, except not on that serious a level to actually spend money on binoculars. I enjoy watching them from my windows or while we are driving out in the countryside.

I strategically placed two hummingbird feeders outside the front door and the kitchen slider, bird feeders outside the kitchen sink window, and various other feeders in our huge Hackberry tree out back, including suet feeders for the woodpeckers, Nyger seed feeders for the yellow finches, and regular feeders for all other song birds. In fact, my kitchen is adorned with all sorts of hummingbird paraphernalia attesting to my love of these glorious creatures. My cats love watching them also. They have brought me samples of various birds who visit our yard, much to my chagrin. In addition, we plant many flowers in our yard to attract birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and other creatures.

We have Bald Eagles making a tremendous comeback in Kentucky, and have acquired white Cattle Egrets in our neck of the woods (who are transplants from Africa). They are lovely to look at. These are the birds who eat insects off cattle and you can see them standing either next to cattle or on top of their backs. Of course we get all sorts of water birds here because we are close to rivers and two huge man-made lakes.

Please tell your hubby to get out there and enjoy his hobby, and to keep taking pictures. Thanks for sharing. It must be a wonderful time of year where you live (Springtime?).

jellyhead said...

hi Motherkitty,

It certainly is springtime here - we've had some good rain recently (finally! - it had been very dry and we were all on water restrictions)and everything is green and growing.

You gave us the idea to maybe put in a bird feeder or two (sounds silly, doesn't it, but we hadn't actually thought to put one up). You must love watching all the birds come to eat outside your home.

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