Saturday, November 26, 2005

blogland has gone all quiet

There's a cheesy chicken pasta bake in the oven, browning. I'm sitting at the computer with a glass of white wine beside me. My kids are in the bath causing minor flooding in the bathroom. I thought I'd check in and see what's happening in Blogland, but all is quiet. Too quiet. I'm worried. Perhaps all the bloggers in the USA have Turkey Belly (a well known post-Thanksgiving ailment). Perhaps all the Canadian and Australian bloggers are in a state of pre-Christmas frenzy. At least my blogpal, Hiro, in Japan has been busily blogging. She even baked a banana cake from a recipe I 'sent' her, and posted a picture of it - how cool is that?! I was very chuffed.

So anyway, if anyone feels like a 'chat', you know where I am. And I'll be checking your blogs to hear your latest news. I mean, if you've had anything happening in your life more exciting than making a pasta bake, surely you can wangle a bit of prose out of that!

Dinner is calling me.


Alice said...

Well, we spent the day watching the Champions Trophy Womens Hockey matches and that was pretty exciting, as was the thunderstorm at the end of the day's play. Champions Trophy features the 6 top teams in the world playing in a tournament over the next 10 days. Netherlands def. Argentina 2-1; China def. Korea 1-0; Australia def. Germany 2-0 in today's matches.

Hope you enjoyed your dinner and you've once again found some blog friends to play with.

jellyhead said...

Aw, Alice, you are too good to me!
Thanks for telling me about your day. Are you an ex-hockey player yourself, or do you have family or friends who play? - just wondering how you got interested in it.

Yeah, dinner was good. Now I'm about to curl up on the couch with Fatty to watch a DVD. Hope your evening is/was good, too.

Alice said...

Neither Richard nor I ever played hockey but all four children play, and now the grandchildren. Michelle started playing 27 years ago and Richard has coached teams for most of that time. Sara, who is 22 and our youngest child, is currently playing hockey in Amsterdam (see blog of 19/Sept). She has represented the ACT for several years in the National League and has also played in the Australian Under 21 team against Korea, China, Scotland, England, New Zealand and the USA.

Hope your enjoying your DVD.

Heather said...

Well, you probably already know that I am busily packing and preparing for my trip to Chicago (in theory--because it is quite obvious that I am surfing blogs at the moment).

Motherkitty said...

Hi, JH. I'm back. We spent three days with Darling Daughter and family and I'm still trying to recuperate (had a nice, long nap this afternoon). I personally spent two days cooking while daughter took care of the babies, set the table at her own speed, and put the pumpkin pies together while I gave instructions. There was way too much food for our own good but it was enjoyed by all.

The best thing we did was stay at a hotel for two nights and little Dancer Girl stayed with us. We swam each evening and slept very well. She was very excited to be a "hotel girl" with grandma and grandpa. I think she's gotten a taste of the good life.

We took our laptop with us while we were gone and I was able to check everyone's blogs, but was really too tired to post. I will start again tomorrow, I think.

All in all, it was a good holiday for us. Thanks for your comments and hope your cheesy bake was delicious. I got ambitious and made shrimp alfredo from scratch this afternoon, so now we are just vegging out for the rest of the day.

manababies said...

Yes, it has one quiet in Blogland. And I should be downstairs entertaining guests but instead I'm reading blogs. Oops. I do have an excuse to be here (baby duty), so might as well take a lookie around to see what everyone's up to today :)

susan said...

Yes, isn't it strange how an entire country shuts down for a holiday? We have all been busy elsewhere, I guess, taking a break from blogging. But I have missed it, so I am catching up. The pasta bake sounds soooo good after turkey for 3 days!