Thursday, November 03, 2005

thanking you kindly

OK, I've taken your wise counsel, and have decided to keep this blog private. I am grateful for the time and trouble taken by my fellow bloggers in replying - thank you!

The weird thing about keeping this blog 'private' is that I'm actually confessing thoughts and feelings that I may not mention to my nearest and a public forum (albeit anonymously). It's an odd concept. Yet it's strangely thrilling to have this interaction with others from around the globe. I feel like I am making connections with some wonderful people.

Goodnight from me (and good morning to those on the other side of the world!)


Heather said...

Glad to be of help! Good morning! ;-)

It is strange how willing we are to pour out our hearts and souls to strangers, isn't it? I have made some great friends through my blog, though!

Sharon said...

I have made some great friends too, and Heather's one of them! :)

I am enjoying your blog very much. It's a pleasure to read your writing. You can always have a family blog just for your relatives -- they would enjoy that.

Good morning to you (when you wake up!) :)

Athenian Monk said...

I echo H & S sentiments. I enjoy reading your blog; very much like getting to know a good friend. Thanks for taking the time to share.