Tuesday, November 22, 2005

my glass is half full

Yesterday, two things happened to snap me out of my self-pity, and get me feeling sparky again.

Firstly, the kind and wise words of Susan really helped...choosing to focus on the positive things in life really makes sense. Thank you.

Secondly, while I was at work yesterday, I had a young teenage patient's mother take the time to thank me for 'being so respectful' to her daughter. It was a bit odd for me to hear that - I thought being respectful was the first and most basic skill to master when dealing with sick or worried people. I presume the mother and her daughter had previously encountered doctors who did not treat them respectfully, which is unfortunate.

I think what affected me most was that the mother went out of her way to make such a lovely remark to me. Because although there are some truly horrible people in this world, I think most people are basically good. That's one of the aspects of 'blogging' that I have been thrilled to discover - that people who don't know you, and have no reason to care two hoots about you, will take the time to read what you've written, and make comments ranging from sympathetic or gently advising to amusing. So thank you to all my fellow bloggers - you really make my life brighter.

PS This kookaburra visited us one day on the balcony of our holiday unit. Being the keen birdwatcher and photographer that I am, I raced to get the camera and took this terrific shot. Alright so that's a lie. You know who took this picture.


mackeydoodle said...

So that is what a Kookabura looks like! My daughter & I always sing this song from Barney & I knew a kookabura was a bird but I had never seen one before! Thanks Jelly!
"Kookabura sits in the old gum tree
Eating all the gumdrops he can see'
Stop! Kookabura stop!
Kookabura save some gum for me"

Heather said...

It sounds like you are one wonderful gal! I am glad the mom took the time to thank you.

Alice said...

It makes such a difference when others appreciate you doing what you do, even if you think it just goes with the job. In my early days of working in an office, before everyone had a PC, there was one elderly colleague with a reputation for being cantankerous. When I asked him, "Aren't you going to check the work I've just typed?" He replied, "I rarely check your work because there's hardly ever a mistake in it." Boy, how much more careful was I then just to make sure his praise was justified.

I agree with you that the majority of people are good, and certainly the 'friends' I've made through blogging supports this notion.

Motherkitty said...

We all have our moments of "poor me," especially with the stress of illness and striving for peace on a vacation. But, to compensate, there are moments of "I'm happy there are others out there who think I'm doing the right thing." We are sometimes surprised when people thank us for doing what we were trained to do. I only wish my physician was as empathetic and caring as you (but he can't help being a man).

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your lovely family. Tell Fatty his picture was great.

susan said...

I have worked with many doctors over the years, and there are certainly those out there who could use a lesson in bedside manner and patient respect. But there are also those wonderful ones (mostly the females - right? Motherkitty). I respect you for going into this profession, it takes a very special person to dedicate their life to medicine and all the ups and downs involved, AND then to come home to their fulltime job as mother, wife, cook, etc. Keep up the good work!