Tuesday, November 01, 2005

things are going swimmingly

Tuesday means swimming lessons for this family.

Lauragirl is a real water child - flipping and somersaulting and diving as if she's remembered it from the womb. She's like a shiny bold seal. During lessons, Laura tries really hard to please her teacher, and never mucks about (this is serious stuff). I love to watch her as she earnestly swims a ponderous lap of freestyle.

Benjamin hasn't always loved the water, but has come to like it. He's small for his age, but strong, churning determinedly through the water. When he can, he likes to talk to his instructor about anything but swimming - cars, bugs, scabs on his knees. His poor teacher mmm's and nods and eventually has to back away to attend to other kids while Ben keeps yakking away regardless.

I sit and watch and adore, with all the other parents adoring their progeny. I think to myself that I'm happy, really happy, by the side of the pool, on swimming lesson day.

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susan said...

Sounds like you are having a much better day! I guess all kids love to play in the water. I never learned to swim, but made sure my kids did, and they loved swimming lessons too. Hope you have a great day, or night by now!