Wednesday, November 30, 2005

ho ho ho

Christmas is fast approaching, and I've noticed everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit with their blogs. Yesterday, the kids helped me string up some Christmas lights across the front of out house (I'm using the term 'helped' very loosely here. They did pass me string and scissors in between the giggling and the running around. Not running with the scissors of course). We did a quick 'trial run' of the lights last night, just to thrill Laura and Ben, but I think we'll switch them on in the evenings starting tomorrow...DECEMBER 1! I'm feeling Christmas-y already.

The reason I put up the coloured lights early was that tomorrow, Fatty's brother, his brother's wife, and their 4 kids arrive at our place. Descend upon our place. Come chatting and shoving and laughing into our place.
Fatty's brother is a gentle and kind bloke who seems a bit baffled as to how he ended up with so many children. Fatty's brother's wife (let's call her 'Blondie' - makes it a lot easier) is a smart, dryly-funny woman who is an incredibly capable mother and household manager. I have seen her host 8 guests at her home, when her youngest was 3 months old, and make us all a gourmet salad dinner without batting an eyelash. This woman is too cool for school. Yet she isn't arrogant about her skills, and is easy-going and down-to-earth. I love spending time with Blondie.
The kids are good kids. Laura and Ben are champing at the bit for "our cousins!" to come to stay.

So after tomorrow, I may not be posting or commenting so much for awhile. Or if I do, and I sound kind of frazzled, you'll know why (I'm afraid I'm not quite up to the level of the lovely and calm Blondie!). It'll be a happy kind of frazzled, though. Hope everyone else has only the happy kind of frazzled feeling in the lead-up to Christmas. HO HO HO!

(PS We haven't jumped the gun with our tree as well- this is a picture from last year)


Motherkitty said...

Have a wonderful visit with your family. We will certainly miss you if you're not online posting, but completely understand the demands of having company in the house. Your sister-in-law sounds great. You have to have that kind of calm to deal with five other individuals' demands. I thought two kids was more than enough for me.

The memories your two children make with their cousins will be priceless. Above all, have a good time. If it gets too frustrating, take them out to dinner.

mackeydoodle said...

Have a great time Jelly!
Take lots of pics!

Heather said...

Have lots of fun with your family!

susan said...

After being PK (post-kids) for a few years, I cannot imagine more than 2 people staying at my house for any length of time. Entertaining is for you young folks, I guess! At least it is warm there so the kids can all play outside. I know you will all have a good time, and look forward to future blogs about it.

Alice said...

I hope you enjoy your extended family and the Christmas season. It's great that the cousins have such an opportunity for fun together. One of the things I missed when we moved up here was the opportunity for regular 'cousin' get-togethers. The parents kept in touch but years would go by with little or no contact between the cousins. So have a great time all together.

shellyC said...

Have fun....enjoy all the noise and chaos!

Lori said...

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