Sunday, November 27, 2005

it's raining it's pouring (and this mother is boring)

It's a blustery, stormy afternoon and the thunder is so loud that even our unflappable beagle looked faintly perturbed and, trying to act casual, sauntered inside.

Can I just say that my kids are driving me crazy this afternoon? Maybe it's the fact we're housebound. Right now Laura wants me to play shopping (she's set up a 'shop' on our coffee table). I have already gone and bought bread, then baked beans, then creamed corn, then jelly crystals. I have feigned interest in the game. I have put on a funny voice and pretended outrage at the prices. But I've had enough. And I feel guilty because I know it would thrill Laura if I stuck at these games longer. But geesh! it's hard going, and I get so bored. Is that a politically correct thing to say? Does it make me a bad bad mother?

I adore my two kids, and we do a lot together. We go to the playground, I put out paints or playdough, we run around in the back yard, we go on the occasional outing on a bus, ferry or train, we play hide & go seek - all the usual stuff. I don't think I do such a terrible job. I just seem to have such a low tolerance for 'pretend' games. I last about 5 minutes and then I want out. I invent pressing chores, suddenly disappear to distant rooms, or on the weekends try to pass the buck onto my husband. Come to think of it, where is that dear, darling, love-of-my-life man..... "Oh Fatty! Honey! Come and see what a great game the kids are playing!"


mackeydoodle said...

LMAO!!! You are too funny. No u are not a bad Mom. I have a hard time with the pretend games too & then I feel horribly guilty about it.
Kind of makes me sad though, I wish I was able to dissappear into the land of "pretend" for awhile. It's something that just sucks about being a grown up!

Motherkitty said...

I forgot what it was like to be a full-time mom to young children until we started babysitting our grandchildren. The games they like to play, ad nauseum, soon become like fingernails scraping over a blackboard -- you just want it to be quiet and you want to be left alone. The kids can't help it; they are probably as bored as you are but wish to get your attention and your love. When Dancer Girl repeatedly wants to play "supermarket" or "restaurant," I keep reminding myself that she is four, and is growing so fast she will no longer want to play with her grandmother in a few, short years.

It's hard to deal with, especially with the prospect of going to work the next day. Time to bake some cookies or put on a video for quiet time.

And, this too shall pass.

Peggy said...

Enjoyed reading your posts! Gave me a good laugh on this rainy day. having 7 grandkids I get tired of their gameboy games.... think I would rather play pretend. LOL

Peggy said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment about my mother. It was so nice of you. Hugs

shellyC said...

No you are not a bad mum....well compared to me anyway....i should confess so many things one day!!