Friday, January 06, 2006

bumbling around the 'burbs

I'm feeling really zippy and skippy and flippy and I think I may be on some kind of an endorphin high. It's all this exercise I've been doing in an attempt to stop my shorts squeezing my midriff flesh into a roll of dough above the hips. It seems my chocolate habit got a bit out of control over Christmas.

On Monday I went to a gym class (the first exercise class I've been to in, oh, about 10 years!!) called Sweat Your Fat Away. Words to that effect, any rate.

On Tuesday night, it was karate. As some of you know, I am trying to get my black belt this year (at a grading in March, to be precise), because I've been doing karate so long now that NOT to have my black belt yet is just plain embarrassing.

Wednesday there was no exertion on my part, unless you count hanging 3 loads of washing. So my mood slipped down from buzzing to normal that day.

Yesterday was karate again - a sparring class, so great for hyping me up. Sometimes I come home from 'fighting' so energised - ducking and punching the air, and demonstrating for Fatty how I managed to score this one particular point.... Fatty just shakes his head and asks me to move so he can see the TV again.

Then today I went to yet another gym class (encouraged by the fact I didn't pass out or fall over during Monday's venture). This class was called Punch Your Fat Away....or it could have been called CardioBox. I had no problem at all maintaining interest, what with the instructor being so cute and muscular and helpful and did I mention muscular?

I'm worried about tomorrow, though. Fatty is on call, which ties me at home with Louey and Ben, so what will I do for my endorphin fix??? I suppose there's always chasing my kids around the clothesline...


Anonymous said...

wish I had you for a exercise partner!!
I'm planning on going to the gym in two hours and I haven't even got dressed yet!

My husband told me yesterday that I'm fat and he can tell that I've put on I didn't already know this!

John Cowart said...

Just reading about all this activity tires me out.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Tomorrow, when you're home with the kids, put on some lively music and kick away....practice your karate to the music and throw in some punches like a boxer. The kids will probably join right in.
Oh, by the way, don't feel bad about how long it's taking you to get your blackbelt. I'm still working on my yellowbelt in Tae Kwon-Do.
You sound very active and athletic, keep it'll live longer...but you know that!

susan said...

Thanks for the inspiration to get up and move around!

Flossy said...

I'm with you John - sounds all a bit too energetic for me! Although, like everyone, I have put on some kilos over Xmas and hate myself for it. All my clothes are tight and uncomfortable - I may just give up wearing them! LOL

TUFFENUF said...

Oh God, I started going to the gym again to assist my son with getting in shape. I found out how out of shape I am. Working out hurts, esp when you are carrying around the extra weight. Good luck to all of us!