Monday, January 09, 2006

my lovely wandering mother

Today my Mum came to see me at work. I didn't know she was coming - she just dropped in. Mum is renowned for arriving without warning. I have tried to get her to change her wicked ways, and let me know if she's going to visit, but she smiles and says mmmmm and comes over whenever.

And so it was today - Mum hadn't mentioned even the idea of coming by. Mum told the receptionist she was there, and then sat down politely in the waiting room, as if she was simply waiting to be seen about an embarrassing rash. I called her to come in to my consulting room, and she grinned her big wide smile - the one she does when she's slightly embarrassed or shy. She looked so happy and gorgeous in her blue shirt and skirt. I was really proud to be able to introduce her to a few of the staff. The receptionist told me I have Mum's smile.

My Mum may have her funny ways, but she has been such a good mother to me. She has a softness and gentleness that I lack. She is truly a beautiful soul.

Today I signed the papers Mum wanted signed, and chatted awhile, then hugged and kissed Mum goodbye at my door. A lady in the waiting room looked startled. I should have offered her a smooch, too. Therapeutic hugs.... now that could really catch on!

Hugs to all of you, (but especially to my Mum)



Heather said...

How nice that you got to see your mom!

Therapeutic hugs is actually a pretty good idea. It could catch on and become quite popular. And I can't think of any adverse effects. ;-)

Moogie said...

That sounds so wonderful.

Heather..there is a possiblity you could become addicted to them..or so I'm told. :)

Motherkitty said...

I'm happy that your sweet, smiling mum is still around to casually drop in on you, even if it's at work. I would give everything I own for one hour with my dear, departed mother.

You should have hugged your startled patient also. It would have given her something to talk about when she got home.

mackeydoodle said...

That is such a sweet post....Moms are great aren't they?!

Alice said...

Your dear, sweet Mum has a very special, caring daughter, too.