Tuesday, January 10, 2006

jelly square eyes head

Lately, there has been nothing on TV but re-runs of re-runs. It's been a viewing desert. A wind-swept plain of entertainment nothingness. What's a body to do after dinner then?

I know, I know, I could read (and I do), I could spend time with Fatty (and I do), but sometimes a person just needs to slump on the couch and forget about work worries, family obligations, upcoming commitments... and stare at moving pictures on a screen. Vegetate.

With my every need in mind (oh, and also because he was bored with the mindless TV on offer), Fatty went out and purchased "The Sopranos" on DVD. He brought it home and showed me proudly, and I thought YUCK. I mean, I'm really not into gangster movies or shows. What I love most are dramas (though comedies are right up there too)... I love to see people interacting & reacting....crying, laughing, arguing, making peace again... That's my kind of TV or film. So I admit I started watching The Sopranos with reservations.

Oh My God. Why had no-one told me? This is brilliant TV. It has some violence, sure, and some mafia business goes on, but the people, the characters... their day to day relationships are what drives each episode and they are all so real. It's hard to grasp that they're only actors playing roles. I'm hooked, I'm a fan, I extol the many virtues of this show to anyone who will listen (like now for example when you dear reader are trapped here on my blog)

The first episode, I thought hmmm, there's potential here, but by about the 3rd episode I was an addict. Fatty and I have devoured the first 3 series, and now we've purchased series 4 and 5 and have started eating our way through these, too. We're about to watch an episode now. But I'm very concerned about this habit of ours. It can only end in tears, and I hate to see Fatty cry. After series 5, we have to wait for more episodes to come to TV. It could be a long wait. What will we do until then? Where can I turn? Who will help me with my withdrawal symptoms?? (deep breaths, in....and out...and in..)

Maybe one of you can suggest an alternative TV drug for when my Sopranos supply runs out.


susan said...

I have not seen this show, but have seen all the awards it receives and figured it was probably good. We don't usually watch dramas, though. There is definitely nothing on TV most of the time, which is why we rent movies. Thanks for your suggestion for my next blog!

Motherkitty said...

Do you look like Edie Falco? Is that why you like this show? Or is it all the Italian macho guys who go around saying "youse guys" a lot? The one and only time I ever watched this show was when two guys put this other guy in the bathtub and removed his head and hands after he was killed. That was ENOUGH for me, thank you very much.

The last time I was at Circuit City, I noticed that they are selling DVDs of a lot of TV shows in sets or bundles. With all the reruns and retrospectives, and TiVo, you could watch reruns endlessly for the rest of your life.

I guess, with DirecTV, that's why we don't watch network shows (although the Sopranos is on HBO). Too many movies and other choices out there.

Alipurr said...

battlestar galactica was like that for me

jellyhead said...

Motherkitty, the part where someone is killed in a bathtub then has his hands and head removed is the absolute highlight of the entire TV show. I replay that one scene over & over. Sometimes Fatty and I do role-playing in the bathroom and re-enact the scene. JUST KIDDING.
Actually, I don't recall that scenario (and it doesn't sound easily forgettable!), so it must be in an upcoming episode. I know there is sometimes strong violence. I don't find it gratuitous, though - it seems as if it is intended to communicate just how sick these mafia characters are. Plus I am probably a bit de-sensitised to blood and gore, being medical.

Each to his own, as they say!

Heather said...

I have no suggestions for Tv series. But if you like dramas, go see "The Family Stone." But take lots of tissue!

John Cowart said...

Ginny & I have the series "I Claudius" which we have watched over and over.

In fact, during the Christmas season Ginny put the 13 episodes in the vcr again becasue, as she said, "Christmas is a time for family".

I think she's strange. Nice, but strange.

TUFFENUF said...

Here is my tip. You watch just one series on TV during the season. In the re-runs, watch the repeats on the other channels (they won't be re-runs to you, cause you haven't seen them) Also, if you have it there (down under) don't miss "Boston Legal" - great series!

donna y said...

You've got to watch "Lost". That's a great one. I'm a TV junkie, too. It's a great escape.

shellyC said...

Go out and buy the 6 series of "Cold Feet"!! Now that is tv worth watching one after the other!!

Oh yeah and Boston Legal is really great too!!!