Saturday, January 07, 2006

Playing Possum

Look who's been spying on us... a chubby little ring-tailed possum.

Fatty and I were sitting on our front steps just now, watching as Laura and Ben swept the front path (No, don't phone child protection just yet - the kids like sweeping. Honestly! They beg to be allowed to do it!) As I was just beginning to explain to Fatty my innermost thoughts about something, he interrupted with relief, "Look! It's the tail of a possum hanging down - just there!".

Suitably distracted from any further navel-gazing, I peered closer, and found this cute furry fellow. Fatty raced off to get his camera, and here you see his handiwork.

Something about having a possum in our front yard makes me feel really good. I've always said how small things make me happy...maybe that counts double for small furry things.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


John Cowart said...

What a nice animal. The possums here in Florida have no hair on their tails. They are gray, they have 50 teeth, and they look like huge rats.

Want to trade?

Motherkitty said...

Yeah, John, American opposums are the absolute ugliest, aren't they? The only time we see them is when they are roadkill. This Aussie guy, however, is rather cute. Where we live in Kentucky, we don't find exotic wildlife lurking out in the open during the daytime. So seeing this little animal must have been an exciting experience for you all. Thanks for sharing.

Flossy said...

Eek, the kids came home from their NZ holiday today, with a fake kiwi made from possum fur! They are classified as pests over there.
This one is very cute though :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Your possum is so cute. We feed a huge possum every night (not on purpose, he eats the left over cat food). He has scared my hubby a couple of times with his great big grin. Ours here in Kentucky are white with a hairless tail. The possum and the skunk have become regular visitors to our yard and the cats just walk among them as they eat. The skunk is not even afraid of me as I have walked outdoors to get a closer look....I'm afraid to take a picture of it because the flash may scare him.

Anonymous said...

yep john cowart has discribed what they look like here in Michigan. Ours only come out at night and they make a scarry noise if you come up on them.

Sharon said...

Look at that!

I love this!

Sweetie said...

Look at your possum there nestled in the branches! My he is a cutie!

As the rest of the Americans state here, our possums are ugly.

susan said...

Yes, our American possums are most likely found 'playing possum' in the middle of the road! Thanks for the picture, tell your hubby it is a great shot.