Saturday, January 28, 2006

oh no, another meme!

The funny, warm, dirty-joke-loving Canadian, Mackeydoodle has tagged me again. I must pick a gender, then list 8 qualities of the perfect partner.

So for a MALE, as my perfect partner would need to be, these would be the ideal qualities. The first four are pipe dreams only, the last four are qualities I cherish in Fatty.

1) an intent listener. A bloke who says things like, "Hang on a sec while I turn the TV off - I want to focus better on what you're saying". (Once I stopped fainting from disbelief, this would be fabulous!)

2) a quiet night breather. A man who inhales and exhales almost silently. Perhaps just a whisper of sound would be OK, so you could tell he wasn't dead.

3) a man who, when you ask him to help out, jumps into action immediately, with a cheerful expression on his face. He may even add a chirpy remark, such as, "No problem, sweetie! Heaven knows you're busy enough as it is - is there anything else I could do while I'm up?" How perfect would THAT be?!!!

4) a fellow who, when you are exhausted and refuse to cook that night, whips up a healthy and tasty meal in minutes. Just to clarify, he does NOT leap into the car and drive to the nearest fast food outlet. He really cooks, real food.

5) a man who loves his wife, and tolerates with patience her human failings - who treats her with respect and makes her feel like there is no other woman in the world for him

6) a man with whom you can laugh, every day

7) a male with whom you have incredible chemistry

8) a man who you trust implicitly

Actually, I don't ever hanker for the perfect partner (which is just as well, since that would be like hankering after a unicorn, I suppose!). I figure 'the perfect partner' would then expect ME to be perfect, and that's just never going to happen.

My mother gave me a poem called The Art of Marriage. It's on a fridge magnet, so I don't think it's anything obscure - you've probably heard it. I like the last lines, though -
"It is not only marrying the right partner,
It is being the right partner".

Ain't that the truth?


Motherkitty said...

You've got us comparing our spouses to see if they live up to your standards.

Very well put, and very cute.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Life is wonderful when you have a wonderful husband. No one is perfect, but it's so nice to feel pampered.

Heather said...

Your first four desired traits would be lovely, I admit. But the last four are equally wonderful and I am glad Fatty has those for you. ;-)

shellyC said...

I am happy with the last 4!!! Don't know if i could handle the first 4! I would die of shock!!

Kerri said...

Number one made me laugh out loud and nod in perfect agreement :) (well they all did but especially that one). My husband reads while I'm trying to talk to him (he would say I talk to him while he's trying to read:) It annoys me no end. But he is almost perfect otherwise...hmmm, well perfect for me anyway. Where did you get that nickname for your husband??? :) The poor guy! Now I really do have to stop reading (it's been great fun) and do some work!